Culinary tour of southern Vietnam: Binh Thuan - Tay Ninh - Sai Gon - Binh Duong (Vietnam)

It's not as big as the cakes that are often poured on aluminum pans, wrapped in grease like Saigon pancakes, smaller pancakes, more meat, its own charm, crispy crispy crisps, The mouth sounded like all the senses were awakened.

In Phan Thiet Mui Ne tourist trips, visitors seem to have at least once heard the Phan Thiet pancake with the famous pancake street called Tuyen Quang road, also known as foggy road. , with the smoke spreading from the cake shop in each way back to the bustle of cake poured and invited guests.

Talk about food Phan Thiet people often imagine seafood, to fish sauce delicious, to the Phan Thiet cakeNo one thinks that Phan Thiet pancakes are considered one of the most famous cakes in this busy coastal city. Traveling to any land, visitors also encountered pancakes are considered as a common symbol of rural rice in the village of Vietnam attached to rice. However, in each region, pancakes have a very different taste and bring their own sophistication. If you come to Hue with a cake, in the West, there are pancakes in the south to Binh Thuan Phan Thiet, tourists also try the pancakes with very specific flavor of Binh Thuan Phan Thiet who do not mix into taste pancakes of other places. Phan Thiet pancakes are very fruity and very crispy, a very special taste because in the cake poured a little coconut milk powder like western cake, also a little green beans. When the cake is poured, Phan Thiet people often poured bread on the ground made of Cham pottery, this unique thing has made Phan Thiet pancakes special more reasonable? It may be that much because other areas often pancakes on a small cast iron pan inox aluminum pans with large and small different ... Another part makes Phan Thiet pancakes different in the sauce. As always, in the dishes of any region, the sauce really holds a rounded not small in the formation of the characteristic flavor is not easy to confuse. The dipping sauce in Phan Thiet pancakes does not stand out from the sauce in other regions, but the taste of coffee and mung bean with a bit of roasted peanuts,

Traveling in the country has many interesting things that can be told every day, every month is not exhausted. This richness is shaped by many things in that simple bread is also a pretty attractive part in that poetic story. For example, when stopping at Phan Thiet Binh Thuan, a small land but only a popular pancake Phan Thiet pancakes can become a long story is fascinated forever.
Rice mash is not as simple as the glazed salt casserole with chili or tear as too messy cake, which is always reduced raw materials ... the taste of the oven, the sour taste of tamarind juice, The crispness of chili, crispy fat of roasted peanuts create a charming, unforgettable taste.

From the pastry like wild rice cake Tay Ninh, there are so many snacks have come out and into the life of Vietnamese cuisine. More special is the rice cake Tay Ninh , Tay Ninh specialties not only attracted local people but many visitors when the opportunity to visit the land of Tay Ninh.
First time enjoying rice paper Tay Ninh , many people would be embarrassed by the way dishes are served. Meal, not a prepared meal, is all wrapped in a bag of rice paper and a small bag of sauce. The snack from the service, so that people come to buy as gifts, buy to eat for fun, eat to remember the taste of only in Tay Ninh new.
Delicate processing of rice paper Tay Ninh
The more simple the food, the more it must be processed carefully?
Because rice paper look simple, so few can imagine the complexity, to make the soft cake tasted the name Trang Bang. Trang Bang town is famous for making rice paper, especially rice paper. Attachment is so, it seems that the heart of the baker is gathered in each process of rice paper processing. Whether the rice paper is delicious or not, the most prerequisite factor is in the rice is selected to make bread, then each grain of salt into the rice flour so that not too salty, not too salty. Rice flour is mixed with a little rice or flour to make the cake.
The people of Trang Bang often say that the cake coated with Trang Bang dew is delicious, depending entirely on the weather. From the sun to how the cake is just right, when the baking must be new, until the dew to expose to the medium soft cake. Perhaps also, Tay Ninh weather is particularly suitable to make specialty rice cake can not be obtained in other regions. After sun exposure for 15-30 minutes depending on the sun, the cake is collected, grilled through charcoal, and then wait for the fog to continue drying the cake. Cake for 10-15 minutes is soft enough, the baker must quickly gather the cake to avoid the cake is too soft or irregularly frosted.
Enjoy rice paper Tay Ninh and indigenous people
Sunny, with dew, there are souls of nature and heaven and earth, perhaps derived from that precious, Tay Ninh people choose to enjoy the moon cake in the most blessed way.
Just with some sauce mixed with chili salted, roasted shrimp, onion ... coated rice cake was ready to enjoy Trang Bang. Pomegranate soft-smelling, with the salty taste of the fine grains of salt, rolled up with tamarind sauce, to burst the sour taste of tamarind, spicy pepper tongue pinch salt, salty taste of shrimp paste with The taste of fat onions, new experience is really unforgettable taste. Softness because of the dew that made the cake is absorbed in full of attractive sauce, bring the cake can not describe. Do not blame many people become addicted to rice paper Tay Ninh , every opportunity to go through this land, bought a dozen bags of rice as gifts.
Recognized as an intangible cultural heritage in 2016, Tay Ninh frosted rice cake is now more than just a dish that contributes to the richness of Tay Ninh cuisine but also as a showpiece for the clever and creative in the life of Tay Ninh people. And also, the snacks such as rice paper can also become specialties that people in Tay Ninh proud to mention.
Fried rice is a simple but famous dish of Saigon land with many attractive ingredients such as ribs, lance, spring rolls, spring rolls ... which makes it difficult for customers to skip to this place.

Meals are familiar with the warm atmosphere, familiar family. Somewhere with the chaos of life, the daily torment we seem to forget the sweet feeling. And if you want to find that feeling again, you go to the Saigon Dishes, your familiar subconscious meals will be reproduced in the most clearly. 

Located in 100 Thach Thi Thanh Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Dishes Bring to the guests a cozy family atmosphere, close, familiar, somewhat subtle Countryside in it, with solid wood tables as the family meal you usually have.
Broccoli seems to be familiar to customers in the South as well as in the North. No matter who you are, the taste of plate rice is hard to forget. Saigon Dishes are proud to bring to customers quality meals, provide adequate nutrients and ensure food hygiene.
Saigon Duck Rice is made from traditional rice, also known as Rice Plate, through the process of cooking the water, the plate has become rice dish porous, delicious, not too dull, not too dry, People can feel the sweet taste characteristic of the rice in each grain. 

Rice Plate is usually served with grilled ribs, egg rolls, sausages, Japanese mackerel ... A rice dish Correctly means to add other types of pickles, sour, spicy spicy such as: pickles, pickles, watermelon All kinds of ... better than a little fat onions.

If you have ever been to Saigon Duck, you can not miss the delicious sliced ​​ribs here. The ribs are marinated with spices to eat, soak evenly, bake on hot fire just enough to keep the meat tender and aromatic, while eating you can feel the taste, characteristic only in the grill. restaurant. In addition, you can choose other items such as meat just baked, duck meat, fried eggs, fried chicken, shrimp fried, braised fish, omelet eggs with aromatic sausage.
Saigon Duck Rice has been very successful in bringing this intimate dish into the luxurious and cozy space. Maintaining the traditional style of processing, but with the natural source of raw materials, choose the source of fresh materials, hygienic processing, each piece of rice at the restaurant brings the same taste. unique.

Coming to Saigon Copper Dish every day you will enjoy the taste of home and family delicious, but reasonable price. With a friendly staff, enthusiastic, quick service will make you absolute satisfaction. Finding a place like this between Saigon land is not difficult, but to find out the taste like this is not easy. So, do not overlook this attractive place like you.

In Binh Duong, roasted chicken is served with puffed rice. Sticky rice has many kinds: black rice, green beans, peanuts, sticky rice, gac sticky rice. A dish of fried round rolled fried steak regularly placed next to a rotten chicken dish, fat, see who also want to eat. Anyone can chance through Binh Duong can not miss this special food.

 Who came to Binh Duong not once attracted by the fruit garden fruit, enjoy the chicken swill or roast beef steak tastes delicious. The dishes here are unique, rustic, bold flavor of the land South East and attached to the foot of travelers.

The most characteristic of shrimp noodle dishes is the way to make noodles. When guests come in, the new owner started to make ready made rice flour and steamed in a pot of boiling water. Thus, the noodles here are small, soft and clear. On the other hand, shrimp used as vermicelli are fresh, live animals are taken from ponds, lagoons. The shrimp here is plentiful and the meat is tender, very sweet.
Normally, shrimp noodles are served with grilled buns. People like this dish because of the sweetness of the broth, the smell of onion and especially the price is very popular.
Duck with dipping sauce
Duck pot dipping sauce is specialties Binh Duong that people and tourists are very fond of. The highlight of this dish is that people are boiling coconut milk and sauce mixed up, until the boiling water, beef, vegetables dipped, chan sauce sauce in the noodles and eat.

Visitors can go to the garden to buy fruit by picking at the place to eat or take home.
In it, mangosteen is considered the "king" fruit of Thuan An garden. In addition, the people of Binh Duong also processed many delicious dishes such as shrimp / mangosteen salad, mangosteen juice, mangosteen cream, grilled chicken ...

Shrimp with water hyacinth mixed shrimp
Hyacinth is a clean vegetable, contains most of the amino acids are not replaced, rich in vitamins and other trace minerals. Parts of the hyacinth can make many delicious dishes, in which the most attractive to look at the shrimp salad with water hyacinth.
Processing this dish is easy and quick. First, peel the shells and slices into thin slices and soak them with water mixed with some alum and lemon juice for about 5 minutes to look crispy.

Food items must not be shortage of raw materials such as: boiled black tiger prawn peeled, boiled bacon cooked thin slices. Cook just to the raw materials to mix with the lemongrass, lemon, sugar, chili, fish sauce and prepare a cup of sweet and sour sauce.

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