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Travel through Vietnam throughout the country, you will find delicious dishes that many people can not resist when the opportunity to taste through at least once.  

Vietnam is not only famous for beautiful landscapes, gentle people but also many specialties "enchanting" visitors. Each locality has one or more typical dishes, so that anyone who goes there must find food to eat. 


Travel to Vietnam with Ha Giang, sitting around the tray of rice, crossed a few pieces of buffalo meat just from the kitchen down, sniffed each piece of meat fragrant, rich with the smell of smoke with spicy chili, The taste of the cup ... Who ever come here will want to come back again to enjoy this delicious.

 Ha Giang land so many people dreamed of a leg up. Not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also the cradle of food in the region, in which the buffalo meat barbecue makes you can not forget.

 Away from the city, back to the mountains and forests of the northwest, we will be immersed in a peaceful, pure nature of nature here.

With green color spreading all over the village, Ha Giang is the destination of many tourists, because of the majestic mountains, waterfalls, streams, spells ... Ha Giang with beautiful scenery to travel, Not only that, Ha Giang specialty is an interesting and leave the impression unforgettable in the hearts of tourists when they put foot on the rocky plateau.

Ha Giang is home to a diverse, rich and unique culinary background, which you can not miss here, especially the black buffalo steak. Buffalo meat appears to be an important food for every Black Thai meal.

The weather is cold, sat sipping hard meat, crispy crispy crisps, and click the cup of wine as well.

Grilled buffalo meat is a specialty of Thai food. Many visitors far away do not know this special food made from which part of the buffalo, you will now know it and will be very hungry to eat a piece.

From the buffalo meat of the buffalo, cow crawl freely on the mountain has created a food, become the specialty of the people here.

For better buffalo meat, people will filter the meat into long fibers. Then from the skillful hands of the Thai, the meat will be marinated spice. In particular, for better buffalo meat, people often give more expensive.

After marinating, people will slice each piece of meat into the sticks, then the truss on the top of the kitchen, using firewood fruiting trees. For 2 months, the buffalo meat will dry and black smoke, and of course, the spices will be absorbed into each fiber. The meat is dry, but still preserves the characteristic flavor of the seasoning when marinated.

When eating, you tear along the grain, and you can eat immediately or especially in the cold weather like this, sit with friends, relatives enjoy, sip wine cups, it will be great.

When chewing, you will feel the sweetness of each fiber, alternating spicy taste on the tip of the tongue, blended with the smell of wood smoke, the feeling can not be more wonderful.

With the traditional way, Ha Giang buffalo meat has become a very unique and attractive dish for all of you when set foot on this land.

Whenever you visit the villages of the black Thai people, you will accidentally enjoy this dish, enjoy the delicious taste, tough, crispy crust of buffalo meat on the roof of the kitchen.

This is not only a culinary background but also represents the cultural customs of the rocky plateau, and also an impressive left in the heart of visitors.

You will find life more meaningful, sitting around the tray of rice, sipping wine and steaming a few pieces of meat barbecue down the kitchen will be a great thing when coming to the land of Ha Giang - Vietnam.

Ha Giang beautiful, so peaceful. With triangular flower petals, with the fragrant pieces of buffalo meat, it is enough to seduce everyone when walking to this land.

What is more interesting, once was to enjoy the specialties of this Northwest forest. Quickly hand yourself a trip to the land of Ha Giang - Vietnam to enjoy the most interesting.


Sapa winter with the cold in every breath, when the night cover the whole town, it would not be better to sit on the kitchen fire pink and sip the hot baked goods. A plate of stomach, salmon, cooked eggs, barbecue meat ... with fragrance complex enough to dispel the numbness of the northwestern forests.

Views beautiful nature, many places Sapa tourism wild, indigenous people are friendly and climate slightly towards Europe, Sapa has long been the ideal destination for tourists and foreign both in summer and winter.
As a tourist city, obviously the cuisine of Sa Pa is also extremely rich with imported cuisine and local cuisine. To Sa Pa , you can try many strange dishes, but definitely do not forget to enjoy the barbecue here. In the cold weather, the barbecue grill full of attractive aroma will quickly warm up both your body and stomach are boiling.
From the corn, potatoes and cassava chips scattered across the street, in a short time, a series of stalls are sprouting up. Do not know the street grill is formed by the needs, preferences of visitors on the cold night. Sapa tourists eat once remembered forever.
Dozens of stalls selling meat with corn, potatoes, cassava , just a basket and a charcoal stove, some three plastic chairs are there to enjoy the grill . Also, chicken eggs, roast duck, pig's muse is also barbecue. Grilled chicken, grilled chicken, grilled chicken, tofu baked tofu ... There are hundreds of barbecue that within a week here is not fully enjoyed.
Each dish has its own way to make and prepare your own spices that eat a lot of dishes at the same time you do not have the feeling of duplication and boredom. For example, tofu tofu, they are soaked in beans until the bean flavor. If you are not used to it will not easily accept the scent of it, but just try it once, you will be fascinated by the attractiveness of the smell of soybeans, fatty fatty hot outside, cool in the tablet tofu. Stir-fried dough with marinated spices will be grilled when the casing of golden cake is dyed, the aroma of sticky rice will be picked up for you to enjoy.
Normally in the downstream, people are only used to eat fried eggs, chips, but less eat eggs baked. Grilled egg yolks with the aroma of yolk, also very strange taste. Eggs are baked due to the skill of the seller, because if you do not know how to bake, the egg will break. The small but soft sweet Sa Pa corn is also put up for baking. Travel this summer you make a trip to Sapa is also very good, while avoiding the summer heat just enjoy the specialty barbecue Sapa .

Sa Pa is very varied with pork slices, three pieces of meat, chicken wings, quail, broccoli, cucumber beef, spring rolls, salmon or fried spring rolls rather than vegetable skewers All you have to do is pick up a plate, pick up the skewers you like and wait for the owner to bake on the charcoal.
Barbecue grilles are colorful and extremely delicious will make you very hard "do not" enjoy.
Baked goods in Sa Pa sold in the evening, mainly concentrated in the Sa Pa area, down the market and under the market. Each barbecue grill usually co-priced 15,000 VND, rice and eggs about 8,000 VND. It costs just under 100,000 VND to have a good barbecue, full of stress, as well as have unforgettable food in the town Sapa trip 3 days 4 nights .


Pho is made from freshly cut noodle soup mixed with spices, crushed pork, roasted peanuts, roasted duck eggs and enough water (or sauce) and other spices. This dish is processed quite picky and taste sour sweet, spicy spicy, Bui Bui.

Lang Son sour cream is processed quite periodically, is strange dishes, fancy and when enjoying the strange mouth with diners distance. The dish is crispy, the smell of sweet potato, peanuts accompanied by the feeling of cauliflower meat mixed with hot pepper, cucumber cool man. For a long time, this dish has become a pride, a delicious food lingering in the foot of the people of Lang everywhere. 

Main ingredients include noodles, sweet potato, lard, rind, pig liver, tilapia, onion, taro, roasted peanuts, dried onion, cucumber, sliced ​​... through many steps. 
First of all, the fragrant herbs, dried onions, cucumbers and sliced ​​celery. The lean meat is thickly cut, about 5 cm thick and marinated with oyster, sugar, coloring with cashew nuts and then boiled through, then dry and finally fry, sliced ​​long. Taro or sweet potatoes cut the thread, crispy in old oil.

Once the ingredients have been prepared, the person arranges one layer of noodles in a row (winter noodles are dipped in boiling water for heat) then to sausage, cucumber and roasted peanuts, sweet potato chips, dried onion . Depending on taste, diners can add fresh lemon, chili or pepper.

Sour soup will only taste half if the lack of fatty flavor of broth (broth). Accordingly, the person must boil water duck boiled, non-aromatic onion, garlic and put into the pot with chili, tomato, vinegar sugar (very special spices, made from ripe banana), sugar, fish sauce, ginger . The last step is to put the power to the water to match.

When eating, customers will chan or mix the water to feel the taste of the duck fat and aromatic thanks to the specific spices. However, it is advisable to mix the amount of water sufficiently so that the material is not crushed but the spices are still permeable.


Leaf Laich (also known as mezzanine) is a typical dish only in the uplands. Lean armpits delicious meat, sweet from the bone should do something very attractive. Whether steamed, baked, smoked, fried or boiled, the meat is still delicious. Pork armpits are fragrant armpit, firm but not fat completely, although pick up the fat slice away.

If you have Travel Lai Châu . Poached armpits are specialties that you can not remove fruit. Not only very tasty, unique but it is also good for health as pigs are grown naturally, long growing time, each child is only about 10-15 kg. You will enjoy the "Forest Pig" without fear of breaking the law.

General characteristics of armpit pigs.

This pig is black, the back of the hammock, long feathers and erect like a hedgehog, pointed snout, thin legs and tall. They are well tolerated, adapted to highland climate, self-excavated soil digging on the raised walls, eating leaves are able to live. Newly born pigs can run and get ready to feed, they just follow their parents for a few days and then separate themselves. What is special is that these pigs make their living in the forest, but they never go away just in a certain space. Come here you must have felt a little more about the uniqueness of this pig. A healthy wild boar has also shown why it is so special that pigs in other parts of the world never exist.

How are rams raised?

Unlike swine farms in the swamp area, armpit pigsWanted to have a herd of "armpit" pigs just bought a pair of males and a female, then released them into the forest near the house. Those pigs will always go together, make a nest in the forest, feed themselves. In the breeding season, they mate and spawn a dozen pigs only larger than the toes. It is a good trait that although the arthropods of the armpit pigs never go away, only around their territory. Taking advantage of this, people have made their habit of returning to their home by their grandparents in the backyard or under the floor. With the herd of pigs in the forest marked the territory, want to see if they are big or not people just go to the forest to find them or into their nest at night. To catch them is very easy, people have the characteristic voice to lure them and catch them.

The dishes are made from armpit pigs.

There are many dishes prepared from boiled armpits like boiled, boiled, steamed, grilled, smoked, fried ... The pigs are harvested with straw, after shaving off all the burning hair is cleaned, marinated and baked Whole or rotate or process food according to taste. With steamed dishes, pork rinse with spices like oyster sauce, seasoning is chopped, marinated about 30 minutes to 1 hour, marinated in the steamer to normal fire to ripen. The meat is very delicious and strong together with the spices in this place has created a very attractive dish. I will appoint you in another article to learn more about dishes made from armpit pigs.

A trip to Lai Chau will be complete if you enjoy the scenery to satisfy the eyes. Join, learn the carnivaltraditions to understand more about the culture and customs of ethnic minorities here, enjoy culinary hybrid continent  and I firmly believe that pigs stolen armpit is one impressive The deepest of your impressions of this land.


If you come to Muong Thanh (Dien Bien province) during New Year, you will enjoy delicious chicken sticky rice. The bird's stick is placed on a tray with a lid to keep the sticky stick warm and soft. The scrambled pineapple fragrant by glutinous seeds after two times with wood and sweet fat thanks to the new bird meat.

When coming to Dien Bien, enjoy Muong Thanh bird's sticky rice, sure that you will not forget, this is the traditional food for the holidays, the people of this place.
Rice is selected for the sticky rice is glutinous rice, rice from glutinous rice grown on the field. This dish is sweet fat by the processing of freshly born birds (pigeons are 10 to 15 days old, often reaching the neck in the nest and out to catch feeding) so the sweet bird More, more bold when eating.
Rolled in a special wooden box, steamed by steam, flexible, not sticky, through two new fragile plastic. After the first time, they pour out and then spread out the chopsticks, for a while later to put in and continue until the rice cooked. By the way, so the rice after sticking is very soft, and plastic to be very long.
Sticky bird is very wild food. In the past, people used to cook birdworms to cover the days of hard work. Birds used to cook sticky rice is the tile because the harvest is also the season of tile birds, moreover, the bird is more meat, meat is fragrant just fine, delicious food can not describe. However, nowadays, tile is becoming more rare, with more pigeons available, meat is also as delicious and sweet as tile birds so many people use pigeons to cook sticky rice.
How to make the bird slightly slightly, do not cut the ax that suffocates or cause the bird to choke water, then the hairs, then skewers and the kitchen to clean the fluff and make fragrance. Then wash the birds and use the scissors to slaughter the birds. The operation must be very careful not to break the heart of birds, pull all the heart, lungs, kites removed and only retain the heart, liver only. Birds have to be cooked to boil, or boiled.
When eating, they are presented on a bamboo stick (round bamboo knit with two half pressed together), under lined with banana leaves. Place the cooked and cooked eggs on the top, sprinkle a few fried onion, fried golden lid to cover for a while then enjoy.
Previous to Dien Bien on the occasion of New Year Muong Thanh you can enjoy this bird stick, but now the demand of many customers should be done daily to serve diners so you have any occasion. 


Song Da has long been famous for its delicious fish. Grilled fish are not eaten right away but are added with salt, wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed. The aroma of fish is unique, not only the smell of wet charcoal, fresh meat but also delicious banana flavor, bamboo aroma and the simple taste of salt.

2 km from Hoa Binh city, a row of roasted fish with a myriad of delicious fish to keep the guests away. Simply with bamboo fish sticks on fire, delicious fish flavor makes it hard for you to refuse.

Song Da has long been famous for many species of fish such as fish, black carp, fish ... In the basin of the Da River (Hoa Binh), grilled fish is a specialty. Fish is sold all year round, but in the water season in September-October, fish, bamboo shoots, carps, fish are new season, new stores have many fresh fish for sale.

Going to a grilled fish shop on Highway 6, you will not be eager for the delicious fish of this land. At the fire burning fire is the sparkling fish skewers. Fish is clamped with bamboo. Minor fish (or fish) white, silver color. Giant bamboo shoots weigh up to 3 pounds each. Fresh carp whip and many other types of unknown fish.

Fish processing is quite simple. After being cleaned, the fish is soaked in saline for self-cleaning. When grilling, the fish is also rubbed around the body and baked for hours.

Grilled fish will surprise you. Minimum of one pair of about 7-8 children, each to about 3 fingers, price 40,000. Grilled fish is about 3 to 4 with one slant, each with a large hand, costing about 100,000 VND. Three-weight bamboo shoots cost about 300,000 VND.

Grilled fish is placed on green banana leaves, eaten with young leaves, apricots and leaves, nails, dots with green pepper. Delicious grilled fish, firm meat, crispy skin, close to the edge, salty enough. Sweet fish in salt, rolls in the leaves have both lost fishy taste and fish flavor, as sweet as eating. Fragrant aromas of charcoal firewood, salt salty taste of the same aroma of bamboo and fish makes visitors hard to ignore.

Have a chance to visit Hoa Binh in the days of September 9-10, take a moment to visit a simple barbecue restaurant on the road, try the grilled fish in the mountain town. 


Quan Quan chicken is famous food originated from the village of Quan Quan, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen. Chicken soup is a unique dish that can not be eaten like other dishes that need to sip a bit to feel the taste of sweet, fat, aromatic, spicy ... of the ball.

Tet is also home to many delicious dishes for children to enjoy and treat guests near you. Among the delicacies of Hung Yen, Quan Quan chicken sauce has become a specialty to eat Tet holiday.

Quan Quan is known as a populous village, rich and rich in revolutionary traditions of Phung Hung commune, Khoai Chau district. The Quan Quan is also known by the people of the village where there is a special dish of chopped chicken.
Vu Van Hiep said: "I am 95 years old now, when I saw the chicken making tools for the Tet holiday, I learned and I made chicken sauce for over 70 years. "
In order to have a delicious chicken dish, the best ingredient is chickens, which are raised in the garden for corn and rice. Chicken after cleaning, filter the meat, mainly the breast and thigh, remove the ribs, cut small pieces, then put the mashed stone with a little pork lean meat.
Then use the pestle to consistently with pomegranate pear fat, egg yolk, fish sauce, noodles, pepper, dried onion and minced ginger. Before baking the meat on the grill, the barman often grilled to try to test the salty taste, spicy ...
One step requires the agility, skill of the person is to spread the meat on the bamboo to grilling. In the past, the tools used to cut pieces of meat. Now, the villagers of Quan Quan have created a small flying dish that is both fast and thin, so that they can be cooked well and not broken.
Pan Guan chicken must be baked with charcoal and steam cooked. While baking the two must be very smooth flip flutter to ensure the fry are not cooked on both sides. The baking time usually takes about 4-5 hours. Then cool and then bake again for about half an hour then the new delicious and round.
Gan Quan Quan is a well-known dish that is made to eat in the family and treat guests without paying. So no home in this village knows how to make chickens and have conditions to do. Families who have traditionally made chickens eat during the Lunar New Year are named by the villagers Tong; Kitchen Ỳ in the Middle; Diem; Ho in the village of Xuoi ...
Today due to better economic conditions, the demand of diners so high that some households have made to sell. The number is not much and also only on the occasion of Tet.
Mr. Vu Van Be - Hamlet, Tuan Quan hamlet, Phung Hung commune, Khoai Chau district said, "My family has clients in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Hai Duong.
Grilled chicken roast is usually hung in the straw, when eating cut lead pieces sipping on the tip of the tongue with a little cilantro, pickles to slowly smell the smell, smell and pungency in the air in sweet weather on Tet. . Therefore, the connoisseurs of gourmet chicken Quan Quan is a special dish to eat Tet holiday, not a wild food, mouth.  


Nam Dinh Tea Store is a unique folk food and processing elaborately. Only by the small green peas, yellow, boring and enough sugar, through the skillful hands of the cook, we have delicious plates. When cooking is cooked and hand-to-hand, the finished product will be juicy and longer.

Along with fish, khoi, fish salad, tea store in Nam Dinh is a specialty of the countryside which is an ancient land rich in cultural substance. Everyone knows that the tea is cooked properly is very difficult technically. 
It is sweet, dry, green bean paste, presented on a small plate, not to eat as ordinary tea. The tea is wild people Nam Dinh people treat guests during the holidays, or worshiping the full moon. And now, it has become popular in the North even in the daytime.
Tea is not as sophisticated as Hue royal tea, does not require many materials such as tea in the South. Only by the small green peas, yellow, boring and enough sugar, through the skillful hands of the cook, we have delicious plates.

From carefully selected bean seeds, be careful, soak them thoroughly and wash them. Then sprinkle some salt, drain and roast before grinding into fine powder. Add powder, then take the white sugar or sugar into the boiling water to cool the sugar and mix well with the flour and boil the fire, then stirring constantly and evenly. This stage requires elaborate, thorough and ingenious cooks. By just slipping a little, the tea will be burned. When the hand stir heavy weight, the powder from dilute to thicken the wait for a further boil and gradually diluted, it is time to finish the tea. See the tea pot of gold bright, smooth, sweet taste, smell the smell of fresh beans to see the talent as well as the efforts of the cook.
Take a plate, cool down, sprinkle a little sesame and then compressed tightly. Such a plate can be kept for 10 to 15 days, without the need to preserve the food is still delicious. It is unique that no tea, because tea has a large amount of sugar compared to other sweet food.
Eat a cup of tea, take a sip of lotus tea, feel the sweet aroma, sweet and sweet in the bar, fresh to see the essence of heaven in the early spring and heart of the owner. hospitality. Only the tastes but only enough to make memories in the memory of how far away the country. Folk that warm to incredible!
Now, in the North, even in the ordinary days, we can also find the plates of sweet tea. But the aftertaste of tea leaves only really stagnate in the warm atmosphere of holidays, New Year, when the whole family gathered together, sip cup of hot tea, share the future plan. 
Many people from Nam Dinh who live in remote areas, including working abroad, are reminiscent of the tea that the whole childhood was her mother, was cooked in the fun day, holidays, Tet. A sweet tea warehouse, sweet home country.


The comedy is an unfamiliar seafood and more like shrimp, crabs, oysters, snails, ... but once you enjoy the taste of this delicacies the sea is unforgettable. Comedy snack appetizer just cool bar, just have a very sweet aftertaste. The meat is crispy, mixed with aromatic spicy aromas.

The comedy, also known as hatchery, is a bivalve mollusc species living in salty water, a rare and valuable seafood species that has been studied in seed production and commercial success. 2005 in the coastal area of Bai Tu Long Bay , Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. Humorous products are now available in fresh seafood restaurants in Quang Ninh and some big cities. 
Van Don is not only a beautiful island district - sea tourism address but also many kinds of seafood delicious and precious, health benefits. Com Van Don is a special food is very attractive to everyone, good quality by raising in clean waters, far from residential areas and has a salinity of over 28%. Van Don comune, Quang Ninh province is completely raised in the natural environment in some island communes: Ban Sen, Minh Chau, Quan Lan, Thang Loi, Ngoc Vung ... with an area of ​​about 1,700 ha.
On the surface, snails are quite similar to other bivalves. Comedy size when grown from 7 to 12cm, oval, yellowish brown. The ellipse has an almost oily-like appearance. The two shells do not close together, the skin is thin, easily shed. But the point is, they have a protruding tap that looks like a baby elephant's tent. So, the comedy is also called a horn or elephant horn. The hose can be retracted into the shell. Based on this feature, the locals call them the enchanted ducklings.
Humus is a species of economic value higher than other bivalves and more than a few species of fish distributed in Vietnam. The meat is delicious, sweet taste. The meat contains 11.63% protein, 0.42% sugar, 1.22% mineral salt and 18 amino acids, instead of, replace.

To Hai Duong, no one is not remember to green bean cake to buy as gifts. Baking ingredients include green beans, crystallized sugar, lard, and grapefruit essential oils are selected and processed purely to create delicious, sweet and strong baking bars. When you drink tea and sip your bean curd, it's better.

In addition to products such as Thanh Ha lychee, Ke Sat gac or Cai Giang gong cake, Hai Duong is also famous for sweet green pea cake, often used as gifts when away on or on holidays, Tet.
According to the people who make green bean cake in Hai Duong, old Bao Dai king through the town of Hai Duong people raised a type of cake made of green beans are sweet and frugal. After enjoying, the king saw the delicious, the decree praise. On the shape of a golden dragon, representing the royal family. From then on, green dragon bean cake was born.

To create the delicious green bean cake, the person must choose the quality green beans, seeds, even, inside the shell is yellow. Today, when produced in large quantities, bakers have to choose to buy green beans from Chi Linh, Hai Duong or from other provinces such as Bac Ninh, sometimes Gia Lai, Kon Tum.

Previously, green bean must be washed at least 3 times clean water, pour into the pot boil thoroughly, let cool and put in the pan. Today, these stages are made of industrial machinery, helping to shorten the production time.

According to Nguyen Dinh Giang, a green bean cake maker in Hai Duong, roasting is an important step to create the delicious cake. Because, if roasted fire will be burned, roasted not to be the beans smell. Green beans after roasting are brewed for a day and then shelled and grinded into flour.
Next to the green beans, the baker needs more sugar and oil to mix with the flour. After mixing, the batter is put in the baking pan for 8-24 hours to allow the sugar, oil and bean flour to blend together and then bring to the rolling machine. According to Giang, in this way the cake helps to soften and dissolve in the mouth when eating.

Green bean paste after mixing the workers molded cake shape and then wrapped in a layer of foil. This is hand crafted because it requires skill and care.
According to the baker, the precious and unique of the product is located in the meticulous stages like golden beans, fine powder. Previously, green bean cake was not wrapped in silver foil, but to meet the demand for transportation away that people think of this way to prevent moisture and preserve the cake longer.

Currently, Hai Duong City has about 40 establishments making green bean cake, yielding about 13,000 tons per year. Products are consumed domestically and exported to China, Europe.

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