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Spicy bread seems to be a typical dish of Port land. The crunchy, crispy bread, pate and grilled on the hot oven, when dipping with a specific sauce only in Hai Phong, that is Chi Chu. The spicy tongue of the bread with the aromatic taste is not familiar with other provinces.

Spicy bread is one of the famous dishes of the city of red phoenix flowers. Although not to shabby but this street food makes people here and guests far away are "fascinated".

We went to Ba Gia's Spicy Bread Shop on Le Loi Street, Ngo Quyen District at night. Ms. Hoang Thi Toan, 72 years old, sits under a large phoenix tree beside the line of knife handles, just sliced ​​cake and pate in it, next to a 3 storey stove full of light yellow bread.
Ms. Toan said that the first to sell spicy bread in Le Loi street 25 years ago, then the phoenix tree baby. Visitors to buy crackers, school students to the gymnasium, then parents pick up children to school, taxi drivers in the evening. Those who crave the cake on the spot, who bought a dozen cake wrapped newspaper with chile packet brought back.
Ms. Toan's house is a place to sell bread. Two women are the grandchildren Toan sitting around the iron table full of bread basket pate pate, and some other staff always serve customers. Every day, spicy banh Ba Gia sells about 500-600 units, most in late afternoon to late evening. To add flavor when eating spicy bread, customers can call a cup of tea made from fresh coconut.
Each slender bread costs only 2,000 dong, the "soft" pate like fatty pate is melting in the tongue. Ms. Toan said other spicy bread shops in Le Loi street sell at the same price. Explaining the name of the old lady, Toan said: "My first house was named Vinh Khanh, quite crowded so some sellers of spicy bread also take the name of this shop to attract guests. Because customers buy bread called me old woman so later I added the name "genuine Ba Gia" so that guests are not mistaken.
From then on, the name of her grandmother did not call but the brand of crispy crispy bread in the soft, before the back of the throat in the throat. Many people go to Hanoi, Quang Ninh ... also often buy her cake to bring as gifts. Someone else came to ask her for a job training but she refused because it was the secret to doing business. 
Hai Phong spicy bread originated from a small restaurant in Khanh Lap Lane on Hang Kenh. Today, spicy bread is sold throughout Haiphong and spread to many other places, including Hanoi with another name is bread. People call chili sauce with a very pleasant name: Chi chapter.
Do not sell spicy bread like Ba Gia but a pate bread shop in the corner of Canh Dau market, Le Chan district also known the land of the Port when crowded buyers. The large breads are sliced ​​and spread pate, spread soft pork as silk in the same price from 10,000 - 15,000 VND / drive. According to the owner, to have a good pate, you must choose the new liver and pork. Pork boiled and mashed with liver and steamed about 4 - 6 hours.
Perhaps, Hai Phong bread is a street food that has contributed to the taste of this estuary. People like to eat Hai Phong bread not only by just fat but also by the casual, simple as the personality of the people here. That food has become a part of the childhood of each Hai Phong.


Pho is considered elite cuisine of the capital. Pho is very delicious and has many flavors such as beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with many famous brands such as Pho Thin, Pho Ly Quoc Su, Pho Bat Dan .... Not only is the familiar dish of people that pho is also "special" that any foreign visitors to Hanoi want to enjoy at least once.

Vietnamese cuisine is always a subject that never stops. We are proud to be the son of a country with a unique culinary background, not only attracted people in the country but also foreign visitors. With a diverse culinary culture in different regions, cuisine is always the tourist attraction. In many local and international newspapers, "pho" is the most popular dish, both Vietnamese and international. 

Pho is the most famous pho Hanoi. Do not know myself, pho has become a very attractive dish when coming to Hanoi. With its unique flavor, there is no place to get it, pho Hanoi has deeply imprinted human subconscious, by default it is the best food. Want to eat pho must go to Hanoi. In the 1940s, pho was very famous in Hanoi. Pho is a food that can be eaten at any time you want: morning, noon, evening, evenings. Especially, pho is not eaten, drink with anything else. A bowl of pho includes: broth, noodles, seasonings such as pepper, green onions, lemon slices, chili ... The noodle soup can be made from cow bones: bones, bones and bones. Bread noodle must be soft, soft. The leaves, chilli and pepper add to the taste of the bowl. Depending on the secret of cooking, each place has different flavors of pho. 

Pho processing, the most important stage is the staple cooking. Soup is the soul of the bowl of pho, so the soup does not taste well. Traditional broth is baked from cow bones with some spices for several hours. Bone selection is also very thorough. The chef chooses the bone without the flesh clinging to, the bone must be cleaned, then the kettle is put into the kettle with water. Mistake, the cook will pour out the water. This is so that the water is not contaminated with the odor of the cow's bone. Then they put the water in the saucepan. At this point, the new water is used as the water for the bowl of pho. At this time, to make delicious broth, the chef will give ginger and onions are cooked in the pot. The broth is boiled over a large fire until boiling. When the water begins to boil, the cooker turns the fire slightly, starting to pick up the foam in the pot. The person who brewed the foam for the clear water, not the chaff. Then they add water, let fire to boiling, reduce fire and continue to pick up foam. They keep doing so until water is used, no more foam. At this time, the person cooks some spices and cooks in small flames to make the pot boiling water. To do so, the pot of water, the sweetness from the bones of time to dissolve into the water and keep the temperature hot. Usually at the pho restaurants, they usually leave the pot on fire for a small day, until there are no guests as well as not anymore. Pho Hanoi is attractive because of its juices have the sweet taste of the bone, along with the soft noodles, beef cooked to taste just mouth. Water color, thin white rice noodle mixed with the flavor of green onions, chili, cilantro, lemon. All merged into one body, 

There are three main pho dishes: pho water, stir-fried pho and pho pan. Of the three types above, water noodle is the most popular. Hot soup is hot. Hot noodle soup is very suitable for cold days in Hanoi. Beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, heart beef noodles. There are different types of beef noodles served with different types of meat. But gourmets still choose beef noodles for their menu. Pho is attractive by the essence as well as the sweet taste that water brings. Visitors are fascinated by pho because of the strangeness and unique flavor of it. A bowl of delicious pho is always presented in porcelain bowl with moderate size. When eating pho, one hand will hold the chopsticks, the other hand will hold the spoon. Chopsticks are most commonly used to eat noodles as bamboo chopsticks for convenience as well as non-slip drop noodle pieces. Pho is hot and does not eat any other food or drink. Pho is a subtle dish, characteristic of Ha Thanh land. Phở has stirred many generations of writers to get the wonderful literature. As Thach Lam in "Ha Noi has six streets" has wrote: "pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only Hanoi has, but it is because only Hanoi is delicious." There are many other poets writing about pho Hanoi such as Nguyen Tuan, Vu Bang ... 

Pho is a traditional dish, famous for Vietnamese NAm and especially Hanoi. Anyone who wishes to go to Hanoi also wants to enjoy hot noodle soup. The children who are far away from Hanoi always return home to find familiar pho noodles to enjoy the taste has not long tasted. Pho is the culinary value, the culinary value of our proud. 


If tourists go to the capital without eating meat goats, it is not known thoroughly about Ninh Binh. There are many dishes made from goat meat, such as pan-fried goat, grilled goat, goat's goat, goat's goat, goat's goat's milk, sweet goat's meat and crispy rice, Leaves, apricots leaves, leaves ... the smell of the smell of the heart of people enjoy.

Ever since, Ninh Binh mountain goat and albino has "should pair, so pair", but the Ninh Binh asserted that only the pineapple, comparative, attractive new "worthy" so charming with goats Ninh Jar.
Goats smell very foul. To deodorize, it must be deodorized by tucking away the goat and whistling it, panting it, running around it. The smell comes from sweat, from the cry. Mountain goats were chased, beaten, until the arrest was considered as the "torture" then.
Go to the mountain to eat a lot of trees, running jump climbs more wind so the "meat" better, more delicious and more goat. In particular, the pursuit of goats for meat is also an art of "goat meat" technology then.
 Goat farming is very popular in Ninh Binh, so the experience of choosing good goat meat is very clear. The goats weighing between 15 and 20kg, or at most 25kg, can be "barren", because at this level, sweet goat meat, not too tough and not too soft.
Ninh Binh is very popular dish from the goat, so the cooking skills of the chefs are also growing.
Goats are processed into dozens of dishes that they have craved like lemon, goat fried, pan fried, fried, steamed, steamed wine, salsa, oil
However, from the past, the best of goat meat is the recipe. There are three types of re-preferred goat re-immersion, re-rolling, sesame. In which sesame soup is best because it has many spices and especially added to the fatty flavor and aroma of roasted peanuts.
And do not know ever since, mountain goats in Ninh Binh and alpine have "should pair, so pair", but the Ninh Binh asserted that only the pineapple, comparative, attractive new worth "so grace" mountain goats Ninh Binh.
Besides, the indispensable food is salt, leaf nail, apricot leaf, fig leaf, coriander, basil ..., contributing to the delicious aroma, unforgettable. Men enjoy the mountain goat Ninh Binh often sipping a bit of Kim Son wine. Someone said this wine was born only to accompany the goat mountain.
Not every piece of goat meat is pale. Raw materials for re-doard of course can not lack goat meat, galangal, lemongrass, lemongrass, green banana, fig fruit, sesame roasted, soy sauce. For a good reed, you must know how to choose goat meat.
Meat to re-have skin with meat, raw lean meat is also not delicious. Usually double-walled meat (in the pig is the only meat) is the most suitable meat with the recipe. It has soft skin, a little fat, but not lean, has lean but not dry and fiber.
Use thin knife, shade milling, thin and even. Fragments of light, small. Carrots, sliced ​​banana ... to squeeze the meat.
Green bananas, lemongrass, fig fruits to eat. Stir fried sesame seeds before eating, mix well with meat to dry, slightly, more fragrant and fragrant. Eat refreshing food, soy sauce to mark is indispensable. It is the soul and makes the food more delicious. The best food is reed goat is Ban (in Noi Bai, Hung Yen). And people conceive only soy sauce with "good" with this re-paste.


This dish does not need boiling, steamed, just raw pork, necessarily from lean meat, delicious, fresh and not tendon. Nem chua together with the leaves of the nail with chili sauce mixed with spicy, sweet, fragrant, smell makes this dish become the famous brand of Thanh Hoa.

How to make delicious "NEM CHUA" Thanh Hoa :
We have a friend in Thanh Hoa, every time you want to go back home to buy a few dozen spring rolls to eat it. I have eaten a lot of noodles, but only Thanh Hoa nem chua is the most impressive, eat well not bored. Because I like to eat too, so also ask how to do and you try to try to eat is also delicious, her quality, the quality is consistent: D. This dish is not too hard, please try to refer to the way that I will share the following, one beautiful day to try, in Hanoi that still have Thanh Hoa noodles to eat, too so cool :)

Materials to be prepared:
§  leaf banana fresh, leaf nail shrine (or guava leaves)
§  Elastic cord (used to wrap the waist when finished)
§  Garlic : 2 bulbs, cut into thin slices, should choose Vietnamese garlic though small but very fragrant flavor, this is an integral part of Thanh Hoa nem chua nha
§  Chili
§  Lean meat : 1kg
§  Pig: 200 grams
§  Rice bran: 100 grams
§  Sugar, salt, pepper , fish sauce fish paste, power
§  Food wrap 


§  Step 1: Meat is the most important thing, it must be warm meat, new from the slaughterhouse brought back and not through the cold water, if washed carefully, then the spring rolls will be considered lun. Actually, Thanh Hoa's spring rolls are often used to make meat more sticky, but good hands are always good, but now most of the meat is usually grinded, although the taste is not perfect. As before, but to save a lot of time, if you have a lot of time, she can change hands until the pieces of meat, sticky and stick together to get the idea.

§  Step 2: Clean the shreds of the pig, shave off the leftover hair. For the filaments to be in shape, they must be able to remove all the fat left over until the dermis is visible. Bring to boil, thinly cut by hand short fiber about 2cm

§  Step 3: Make the taste of Thanh Hoa spring rolls can not lack of gold roasted rice bran, smooth grinding, add a little bit of pepper to give up fragrance. Mix the nem mixture including: finely chopped pork, finely chopped pork, 100 grams of fish, 1 tbsp fish sauce, garlic, sliced ​​chili, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp. nem), put on gloves and mix the ingredients on

§  Step 3: Mix after mixing the ingredients and divide them into small pieces of about 7 cm in length and thumb up to wrap (they can also be divided into long cylindrical pieces, or A large spring rolls like silk packs if you like: D), wrap a thin film wrapped outside. Use guava leaves or nail leaves wrapped outside, then take banana leaves wrapped 6-7 layers and use the elastic band 
This nem may be cooked for 3-5 days. The noodles Thanh Hoa that sip with chili sauce is sure to cost a lot, but the slightly bit of time but in return we have been enjoying Thanh specialties at any time, but do yourself well clean, hygienic. It is worth the money she does not have, but still hesitate, to the kitchen.


Eel soup has become "Pride of Nghe" with extremely special processing and excellent taste "not where tissue". Boiled porridge with spicy aromas, eel meat soft, sweet, soaked with spices.

How to prepare Nghe An eel:

If frozen eel is frozen and marinated fresh eel.

- If using live eel, choose small eel meat will be hard, hard to cook and often sweeter than large eel. Depending on conditions, if available, choose eel size larger than adult thumb.
-  make live eel:
There are many ways to clean the eel with salt, salt and vinegar. The easiest is to use vinegar. Use a medium saucepan, add a small amount of vinegar to the eel when it comes in, cup full of vinegar, pour all the eel and cover up wait for a few minutes the eel will weaken, motionless, vinegar will make the eel go clean. viscous and white. (Remember to bring your own kitchen glove. Using a short nose, sharp ... eel abdomen from the throat to the anus, remove the whole eel, rinse thoroughly thoroughly water until it is clean. In the sale of eels, people usually make eel meat, intestines for purchase. If the eel is ready, then the intestines ... bring back also soaked with vinegar and water. Optional short cut 7 - 10 cm or leave whole.
- Feed the eel into a deep bottom container. Sprinkle 500gr of eel with 1/2 teaspoon of salt + 1 teaspoon of pepper + 1 tablespoon of fish sauce for 30 minutes and then steamed, remove the eel to separate. Take all the bones and eel to separate.
- Do not cook porridge in the style of eel cut tight, to the bone because the eel is sharp and sharp edge, easy to hurt the mouth when eating.

- Rice can be roasted for aromatic or roasted after roasting to dry. If you use roasted rice, porridge will be in, less lemon (plastic), mild porridge and if using roasted rice, usually people are porridge fairly thin. However, this depends on the type of rice used. Choose the type of rice flour, not plastic after cooking. In the south, few people cooked porridge with roasted rice.
- Bones for porridge - If you want to cook in the South: Stew 500 gr bones + 100 gr onions + 1 teaspoon salt + 4 liters of water. Stewed about 3, 5 liters of bone water. Get rid of bones, verify. This amount is used only as a standard for a certain amount of skeletal water, at the discretion of using more or less to increase. Do not use too much fat on your bones. Stewed water will be fat - which means that the fat is floating on the water so much that it does not show the water below.
- Cook white rice porridge with a portion of rice with 4 or 5 parts water (depending on the type of rice). After the boiling water, lower the fire until the porridge blooms (evenly). Optionally cooked porridge thin or solid. The usual way to see porridge is after the rice hatches, if the level of rice is below the water level of about 2/3 is porridge diluted, if the level of rice and water are equal porridge.
- Cook rice porridge with green peas and tomatoes in two, the shell. Cook as a white porridge, but add green beans half the amount of rice is medium. Utilizing green peas without peeled porridge will smell more bean flavor and fiber has a good texture for the digestive system.

- Taro porridge often does not use green bean porridge.

- Put the eel, eel bone into the porridge, after the porridge, pick up the body, bone.

1. Porridge cooked
Optionally use water fat (win from pig fat) or cooking oil. Artichoke in Nghe An, Ha Tinh often cooked with grease. The amount used is just symbolic, for you are not used to cook the kitchen, use the usual size rice to measure:
- Non-aromatic 2 tablespoons watery greasy soup with 1 tablespoon thinly sliced ​​purple onion + ½ teaspoon fresh minced bean puree + ½ teaspoon coriander root or ½ teaspoon finely chopped coriander, optional on 3 - 4 scoop the water, simmer, cook for about a minute for spices, water the color of turmeric and aroma and then add to a cup of lean eel, depending on the taste of salt and salt or salt seasoning Lightly grate for twenty seconds for the eel to spit out the kitchen.
- With a cup of lean eel after stir fry only use about 3 or 4 cups of porridge is just enough. Add the eel into the porridge, stirring and lightly hand, keeping the heat on the stove.
- Eat porridge always eat hot. When scooping up sprinkled with green onion, leaf coriander and chopped leaves - lemongrass is a vegetable spice up the smell of eel; pepper powder. Good taste of fresh fish sauce, fresh lemon chili.
* Eel porridge is very spicy taste, if using turmeric powder, the porridge is stronger but not fragrant with fresh turmeric. Own taste and quality of art to reduce, if too much technology, will have more bitter taste.
2. Green bean porridge
Cook as cooked but not using turmeric and coriander, cilantro root; Replace oil with grease, use mung bean soup or white porridge as you like, porridge soup with coriander and cut thin onion, do not use leafy vegetables.
* Eel porridge or mung bean often do not use porridge cooked with porcine bone, so use a piece of eel with three or four porridge medium. If you use too many eels it will be called eel.
3. Taro eel porridge
Additive additives for about 3 liters of porridge cooked with bones.
- 300g cooked eel (not sauteed).

- 200gr of sliced ​​pork chopped 2 fingers, marinated with some salt, pepper, minced onion, cooked in porridge.

- 200 grams of taro peeled, cut into small pieces, cooked in the porridge after rice has boiled.
- 200 grams of coconut for a little warm water, squeeze a cup of juice.
- ½ cup of peanut butter; ½ cup uncooked garlic.
- Leafy vegetables, cut coriander; live, some sweet subjects, stripped shell, cut slices about 1cm thick. Freshly chopped fresh chives with some oil, minced garlic. Spice.
- Drop the eel in the porridge with coconut milk, stir agate lightly, optional wedge with salt for bold but not salty. Keep hot porridge on the kitchen, if you see a lot of water, add more boiling water.
* Presentation of dishes: For a little price, fresh in the basket, hot porridge for ripe, cracked onion, leafy vegetables, pepper powder. Hot chilli paste, pure fish sauce. I like to eat porridge porridge cut.

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