Western Cuisine - Vietnam Tourism - Country specialty food (Part 1)

Dishes are the mixture between the bitter taste of the leaves, the salty taste of dried fish, the sour taste of mango, the aroma of vegetables is very attractive.

Melons are grown in Tri Ton, Chau Doc, Tinh Bien (An Giang), Ha Tien (Kien Giang) ... Sour salad is known as Cambodian food, served as a vegetable in the meal. daily meals This dish is imported into Vietnam through Khmer families living along the Vietnamese border.

If there are far away guests to play, in addition to the specialties of Western famous as sour soup, fish spirit ... Chau Doc also come to the garden to pick up the first sorrel leaves to make the dish strange mouth.

This salad is processed simply and quickly. Young leaves and flowers are washed in boiling water to reduce bitterness, then drain. Cucumber, pineapple and sliced ​​mango or shredded yarn. Westerners often make salads dry fish snake or dried fish choke. Dry fish grilled tuna small, boiled boiled only thin, add a little shrimp peeled.

 Mix the ingredients together, sprinkle the chili sauce with sweet and sour sauce, then continue to stir evenly. Then again let the seasoning soak before laying out the plate. Sprinkle a little more herbs, cilantro, peanuts, add a few slices of red peppers to the plate for the color attractive. Sauce is a tamarind sauce made with quite elaborate. Pour in the pot, add a little boiling water until lightly filtered and then filtered. Tamarind juice mixed with fish sauce, add a little sugar, garlic and chopped mince. Good tasting is when the taste is harmonious, but clearly each sour, spicy, salty, sweet.

When enjoying this dish, unfamiliar people will find ... afraid of the bitter taste of the leaves, but tasted the bitter, sour, salty, sweet taste of the complete salad will be interesting.

This is a kind of crab called the Vietnamese (this dish is derived from the Khmer). Before use, the three aspects can be seasoned with some spices such as sugar, chili, garlic, monosodium glutamate, lemon juice to increase its sweetness. They are tossed three times and then mixed spice, to about 15 minutes for the spices to be eaten.

Perhaps the southwestern region is a land of nature, with the delicious specialties that have come from the wild. And also three-dimensional dishes, very wild but always enthralled diners. Western tourists , want to eat three delicious aspects to visit the land of Bac Lieu. Here, the three sides are soft, crispy, just bold, while bearing the characteristic flavor of a specialty food.

In Bac Lieu culinary culture , the three aspects are often referred to with a variety of recipes convincing to customers. The trunk is an animal of the crab family, has a smaller shape, on the back there are three bars look like someone using the knife to the side. Thus, the name of the three sides. Although these three aspects are widespread in the Mekong Delta but especially three aspects in Bac Lieu emerged as unique products. Every gourmand must know the three aspects of Bac Lieu.
Here, people process the three aspects in the traditional way. The first is tamarind, roasted salt. This processing method is suitable for use as bait in the meeting of relatives, friends. The taste is crispy, slightly more salty, sour taste makes the three aspects become attractive, fun mouth. Processing this dish is not difficult, just buy the three aspects, we proceed to clean and then cut the three sides, split the body to eat. Then fry the pan with salt, or stir fry with tamarind juice. When cooked, add roasted peanuts to the surface.
The second is to make three aspects of the fish sauce. Just like fish sauce, people keep it as long as it can be used. Three-sided, rich taste, salty taste, suitable for eating with rice.
The third is the most traditional and is also considered the best. Mixed three-course. This dish is very simple. We only need to prepare the ingredients are then three-way mix with garlic, chilli, sweet pepper, sugar, lemon juice and then to spice for 15-30 minutes. Then there are delicious triangles. This method is used to eat white rice, especially delicious when used with cold rice. Salty bitter spicy mixture of three parts will cause you to eat a whole pot of rice.
In addition, today there are many ways of processing three aspects such as boiled coconut water, boiled with salt and lemon pepper ... However, despite the variation in the form of the three flavors Bac Lieu remains in the same every moment.

Pia has long been a specialty can not be missed when coming to Soc Trang. Enjoy a few ginger sips ginger tea, trade three stories more warm hearted travelers.

Pia is a unique product of Soc Trang. Enjoy a few gingerbread with sips of ginger tea, trade three stories to add warmth to visitors. And unfortunately people who come here to miss the opportunity to taste the little cake that fragrant long. 

In Soc Trang, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of ancient temples or participate in festive festivities, the brilliant identity of the three Kinh, Hoa and Khmer ethnic groups, visitors also enjoy the delicious bread of this place. The most famous are pia cake, sweet taste and pure aroma of durian, specialties of the South River.

Soc Trang cuisine is rich with specialty sausages, Vinh Chau brandy, cakes, pia cake ... Those who have once tasted pía are claiming that this dish is too tasty and can not be dropped. When bringing back the relatives.
According to local people from the 17th century, pia cake appeared here. It is a kind of cake imported by Han Chinese to Vietnam. However, over time the pia cake has been varied, changing the taste of the Vietnamese and become the specialty of the South. Through learning, this new smell is not a coincidence that.
Ingredients are wheat flour, taro, green beans, durian, salted egg yolk, but Pia soba has a unique flavor and texture, unlike any other cake.

Pia Soc Trang.
It can be said that in order to have the standard pia cake people have to go through a lot of meticulous stages from the making of flour to baking. The cake has two parts, the core and the shell. Human made from taro, green beans, eggs. Green beans, taro peeled, washed all in the steamer and then cooked. Then continue to stir with sugar, durian kernel in moderate proportion. Let the mixture cooled, wrapped around each egg yolk duck. In addition, want to increase the fat taste can add pork to the core.
Despite the meat but due to careful processing so the cake can be kept for a long time. Next is a rolling process, rolls of flour, folded several times to form a sheath with layers of "powder" and "oil powder" overlap. Finally, the grilling process helps to ripen the cake, the color of the golden cherry blends with the delicious durian.

Delicious pía pies.
The orange cake is small, round, medium size is very convenient, can both handle and eat. Not too soft, with a moderate degree of plasticity so that when put into the mouth does not dissolve right. But the most interesting is the sweet, aromatic fragrance of durian that any kind of artificial fragrance can not replace.
What is the bread can not eat a lot at once but tastes bored do not know boring. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Soc Trang, during the moon offerings, never lack of pia cake, the "soul" of the land people mixed cultural identity Kinh, Chinese, Khmer honest nature.

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