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Mushrooms are available in a variety of ways, such as fried, grilled, fried, roasted, roasted, roasted with chopped lemongrass and chopped vegetables and pancakes ... each dish has a different flavor. People often marinate garlic and wine before roasting fresh mice on the charcoal until nine golden is.

The specialty of hamsters, Cao Lanh rattlesnakes is a delicious dish, rich in Western South. With the unique taste of the mouse and simple processing has turned this dish into a specialties of Dong Thap Muoi, which attracts many diners to try. Have a chance to visit Cao Lanh city (Dong Thap province), visitors do not forget to find a suitable address to try dishes made of ham, rats and Cao Lanh.


Dong Thap Muoi Specialties - Rice mice, Cao Lanh rats

Cao Lanh rats and rats are processed into many famous specialty dishes Dong Thap Muoi. Many visitors to Dong Thap want to try this strange mouth. Ingredients for making roasted rat is luu ham or rats. Cao Cao does not smell like rats, mice and also not small as mice. This animal lives in cool places, mainly eat rice, corn, tapioca and other natural foods such as crabs, snails ...

Cao Lanh mottled with yellowish brown hair, often living in flocks of underground caves, very delicate. People can hunt mice throughout the year, some local hunting mice from October to March lunar year. The best is still the mouse hunt after the harvest (rice). Once the rice is harvested, the villagers chase away mice on the mound, spread the net to catch. Some of the richest people in the Mekong Delta have been recruited as well. The person who smokes, smokes, sometimes catches the rat in the middle of the field and drinks it right there. Unlike the hamsters, Cao Lanh ratsbigger and fatter. This animal is fierce, grayish-gray but fleshy, soft, lean and not fishy. Ruminators have heavy weight dogs, which are made of yellowed milk that looks like roasted milk.

From raw materials are hamsters, Cao Lanh rats, they can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes such as mice, mice fried sweet and sour mousse, mice with dipping vinegar, lemon mutton with lemon leaves, cured hams, roasted salted ham, rats rinse with pepper , mouse rinsed coconut water, grilled mice chao, fried rats ... However, the most delicious and unique meat is still rotten mouse. To produce good quality mouse, when choosing right mouse to choose large, fat, alive, about 5 - 7 children / kg. Prior to processing, it should be dipped in boiling water for easier hair removal and no skin tear. Mice eat crispy and delicious so few people leave when making rats. After the rats are cleaned, leave the skin to be flavored with spices, spices and then put in the iron hooks to hang in the middle of the lu (or cork hoppers, the people often used to store water). The lid is closed.

At the bottom of the hollow a hole through the ground to remove coal to bake. The mouse will be rotated in the lu, about 5 - 10 minutes to open the lid once to evenly for cooked meat. When the rats were ripe, they were scraped onto the mice 'skin with pure honey and beautiful color. The quality of the mice when their skin is reddened, the meat is ripe, round, beautiful.

Rats, rats eat very fat, meat delicious. This dish is accompanied with lemon pepper and lettuce, chubby bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers are new to the right ... Bite the rat meat, crunchy skin with crunchy fat in the mouth, sweet meat, greasy, taste fragrant If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy this dish, in the upcoming Dong Thap tour, visitors do not forget to visit Cao Lanh to taste the taste of hamsters, rats here.

Cao Lanh mice, rats and mice are popular dishes but also ranked "Top" specialties Dong Thap Muoi should not be overlooked. Dishes from mice are both delicious and nutritious, not chicken, pork or beef. Not only in Vietnam, many places in the world also put the mouse on the list of attractive dishes should not be overlooked. And Dong Thap Muoi is a suitable place for tourists to come and enjoy specialty hamsters, Cao Lanh rats.

The cake is shaped like rice cake of the Central people, made from rice flour, there are many kinds of people and only poured with shrimp, white surface, the point is red brick shrimp, blue of small chop.

Vung Tau has long been considered an attractive tourist destination for visitors by its natural beauty.  Beside charming scenery, Vung Tau is famous for its cuisine. Especially, when referring to the tourist site of Vung Tau, you can not help but mention the cake, a very special and rustic food but separate breathing here.
Local people called the cake because when they took the cake out of the mold, people use a flat and long scoop to "poke", the spoon hit the mold to emit a "dribble".

Cakes are classified in the folk so raw materials to make cake is not picky, hard to find. Made from rice flour, but unlike other rice pastry cakes, boiled cakes are made from only one kind of rice flour and not mixed with coconut milk or any other powder. How to make crackers soft, but not sophisticated but need meticulous and delicate.

The most important process is still the flour phase, requiring a secret as well as ingenuity from the chef's hands, this is the decisive step to the taste of the cake. Rice flour mixed with water in a certain proportion. If the mixture is too thick, the cake will become dull; If the flour is too thin, the cake will be thin and not delicious. Standard cake is not too thick nor too thin, when eaten crispy but still retain certain toughness.

 Especially, in order to make delicious cakes, the powder must be grinded from the night before, and then put the flour over one night, so that the new flour is not damp, flowing and make delicious crispy bread.

Homemade pie made from fresh shrimp. Shrimp is cut off, peeled, washed with clean water and drained. In addition to the fresh shrimp, shrimp yellow fire added to the beautiful, delicious for this delicious cake. Each core is a core shrimp, pink shrimp body highlights on the white powder, add a little red shrimp powder around the disk makes the eye for the food.

How to make a cake, to be golden, even crispy, it is also a great art, requires the ingenuity of the chef's hands. The cake is poured in aluminum or stainless steel trays, above the surface of the mold is formed with a small concave cake.

Before pouring the cake, the chef placed the mold on the stove to heat, then use the pork fat on the molds, make a small amount of flour just to the mold, for fresh shrimps peeled in the middle and cover up wait until ripe bread

 When the cake has matured, the chef picked up the plate, sprinkled on the surface a little fire shrimp, grease onions. When eating Vung Tau cakes, local people often eat with sweet and sour fish sauce, vegetables such as green cabbage, lettuce, perilla, fish lettuce ... and papaya fiber. 
You take a loaf of bread to a large green cabbage, a little bit of herbs and other dishes, then roll over, dip into the chili sauce, put some sour on the cake. Biting a piece, diners will feel the spicy but very wild but very delicious.

Fish sauce is cooked, filtered bone, seasoning sweet powder, sugar to eat and then into the hot pot. To add a little bit of lemongrass, add a bit of lemongrass, the root of lemons smashed into the hot pot. To make the soup hot, aromatic and sweet, they add some milk instead of sugar. Come to U Minh do not forget to enjoy this delicious hot pot dishes!

 Stir fried fish, grilled fish, grilled yellow catfish with ginger sauce or bee salad, honey bee, honey bee, etc ... However, if you have come to U Minh do not forget to enjoy hot pot. The food is wild but the taste is so strong!

The main ingredient of U Minh's hot pot dish is salted fish sauce (but delicious sauce). Fish sauce cooked meat, skilful bone, tasting sweet powder, sugar to eat and then into the hot pot. To add a little bit of lemongrass, add a bit of lemongrass, the root of lemon grass beat into the pot.

Ngai fish sauce, fish sauce can be added crab meat, snails, bacon, ... But the most interesting when eating hot pot dishes are very popular, many kinds of vegetables copper. Hotpot sauce is the most common vegetable species. It may be true to say that no food in the world is served with many types of vegetables such as fish sauce

. Especially, the hot pot of U Minh can not be lack of vegetables, vegetables, hearts, guns, vegetables, flies, vegetables, etc. ... The food will be flavored: sweet, , bitter, bitter, of many, many kinds of copper is available in U Minh.

Hotpot sauce has become an indispensable dish in many restaurants in the country. The principle of processing are the same. However, each place is different by the use of fish and what kind of vegetables to eat with the soil of the country.

No matter what country you are, but with the hot pot sauce in the U Minh forest is sure to be a strong, delicious and unforgettable soups. It reminds us of the past and the memories of the pre-human class.

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