10 things that surprise you when you arrive in Dubai

 Not only are there expensive supercars, lavish life, and visitors are also overwhelmed by many surprises when arriving in Dubai. 

Referring to Dubai, people will immediately think of the vast, flashy and magnificent scene. Dubai streets are filled with expensive supercars and sophisticatedly designed skyscrapers. Along with that, this place also hides many interesting things that surprise visitors when arriving in Dubai. 

Diverse cuisine

You may not know that Dubai is one of the countries with a high rate of immigrants, many people come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Jordan ... So this place has a culinary culture. very diverse and rich. If you take a walk along Deira Street, one of the oldest areas in Dubai, you will find countless delicious dishes from all over the world. 

'Expensive to slice'

In addition to its diverse cuisine with affordable dishes, Dubai also has expensive dishes, cooked by famous chefs in restaurants and resorts in Dubai. You will have to pay a "fair amount" to enjoy a meal of super chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White, Sanjeev Kapoor ..., those you just often see. on television. 

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Few local people

One of the things that surprises tourists in Dubai is that there are almost no locals here, only 11% of Dubai's population is Dubai. The original Dubai people you can meet will most likely be the ones stamping your passport at the airport. If you are interested in learning more about the local culture, you should contact the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Center.

There are laws in Dubai that prohibit drinking alcohol

Dubai has a law that publicly prohibits the purchase and sale of alcohol, citizens must be over 21 years of age to use, alcohol can only be sold in hotel bars or clubs and the price of alcohol is very expensive. 
However, this does not mean that visitors here are not allowed to drink alcohol. You will be surprised to see a wide range of wine brands from all over the world on display, and at the same time, visitors can easily "hunt" for discounts and are allowed to participate in attractive wine parties.

Weekend is not Saturday and Sunday

Many visitors to Dubai cannot help wondering why the cafes and restaurants are closed on Friday mornings. This is because Dubai is a Muslim city, meaning the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday, starting with Friday's lunch. This lunch is often organized as a sumptuous and lavish party. Many people even hold a Friday lunch party at the hotel with delicacies beyond imagination. 

Shopping fanatic's paradise

Talking about shopping malls, Dubai is a paradise on par with Hong Kong or Singapore. You can buy just about anything here, from designer clothes to top-quality jewelry, spices, food to souvenirs. At Dubai Mall, there are even gold ATMs, where people can draw gold bars of all sizes from machines corresponding to the money they have. 

The monumental architecture

Dubai not only impresses visitors with majestic buildings but also a place with surprising architectural beauty. Typical symbols of Dubai can be mentioned as Burj Khalifa and Burj Dubai (luxury sail-shaped hotel), Atlantis The Palm project, Cayan tower, the world's tallest hotel JW Marriott Marquis ... Dubai truly is A great destination for those who love architecture. 

The desert is right in the city

It only takes a few minutes to travel from the skyscrapers to the vast desert. Dubai is two opposing areas: one side is a bustling city, the other is a wild desert. There are hundreds of companies in Dubai offering wild desert exploration services such as driving on the sand dunes, dining in Bedouin style, four wheel driving to explore the desert ... when you set foot in the giant shopping malls in Dubai. 

Can only swim in winter

With its location near the desert, Dubai is always in a hot to very hot state. Average summer temperatures (from 6 to August) fluctuate between 38 and 40 degrees, which is too hot for any outdoor activity. Therefore, the ideal time to wander the streets or go to the beach is in winter, when the temperature drops to 23 to 26 degrees during the day.

Camel racing is a popular sport

One of the favorite sports in Dubai is camel racing. The racing camels are remotely controlled by a robot mounted on the back. Meanwhile, a fleet of four-wheeled vehicles will be on duty to help bettors move parallel to the racing camel of their choice. 

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