Do not miss these 14 things when traveling to Incheon, Korea

  Many people know Incheon has enchanting beaches, vast parks and colorful ancient temples. But not everyone knows what Korea Incheon tourism definitely cannot miss. 

Located in the middle of the Northeast Asian peninsula, Incheon is known as the 3rd largest city in Korea. Passengers  traveling Korea often arrives at Incheon airport, the busiest airport in Korea. This seaport city is also a tourist attraction that attracts many tourists every year. 

Although it has a history of thousands of years, Incheon only really started to develop in the 19th century when it became an international seaport in 1883 and opened an international airport in 2001. Incheon owns many large islands Small with enchanting beaches, vast parks and colorful ancient temples. With an area of ​​more than 1,000 square kilometers, anywhere in Incheon you can find enchanting beautiful landscapes. Here are the top 14 things that should not be missed when traveling to Incheon in Korea .

Korean Incheon tourism has many interesting things that not everyone knows.

Explore Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport is Korea's largest international airport , and is also one of the best-rated airports in the world, ranked in the top 3 top 5-star airports, having won many awards. value. Incheon is also the airport with the largest and busiest transit, welcoming millions of passengers annually. Whether traveling or transit here, visitors can still explore the local culture with a variety of interesting attractions.

Incheon International Airport is Korea's largest international airport. 

In the airport itself, you will discover a Korean cultural museum, traditional Korean restaurants, a super large duty-free shopping mall and participate in many music, dance and dance performances. Traditional costumes are held regularly. If you have time, you can join the free transit tour provided by the airport. The one to four hour tour includes destinations like the 4th century Jeondeungsa Temple and the world famous art gallery at Paradise City, the casino, spa and entertainment area.


Visit the only official Chinatown in Korea

Chinese immigrants flocked to Incheon after the land was leased to China in the 1880s. Currently, the area is Korea's only official Chinatown and is inhabited by a community. modest Chinese fellow. There are many eateries that serve traditional Chinese-Korean dishes such as jjamppong (spicy seafood stew) and jajangmyeon, an iconic Chinese dish.

Chinatown in Incheon is Korea's only official Chinatown.

Exiting Incheon Subway Station (Line 1) and walking under an ornate Chinese gate you can find characteristic red buildings, colorful historical artworks on Samgukji Painting Street and Jajangmyeon Museum dedicated to the popular noodle dish of the same name.

Get lost in Incheon Grand Park

For rural experiences without leaving Incheon, visit the 727-acre Incheon Grand Park. The park is less than an hour's drive from Incheon International Airport.

Incheon Grand Park is less than an hour's drive from Incheon International Airport. 

Incheon Grand Park possesses a lush green space with a natural oasis located between Gwanmosan and Sangasan mountains. There are many games available in the park, including walking trails, skiing hills, an outdoor theater, botanical garden, ice skating rink, and bicycle rental.

Praying at Yonggungsa Temple

One of the stops on Incheon Airport's free transit tour is Yonggungsa Temple. The temple was first established in the 8th century, then rebuilt by politician Heungseon Daewongun in the 19th century.

Yonggungsa Temple is especially sacred and attracts tourists to visit. 

Mr. Heungseon Daewongun then used the temple as a sanctuary where he prayed for his son to become king. After 10 years his prayers were heard, his son became King Gojong. That is why the temple is said to be especially sacred and attracts tourists to visit.

Go back in time at Songdo Hanok Village

Hanok is the name of a traditional Korean wooden house, with a gently curved roof, brick accents and characteristic windows.

 Songdo Hanok Village is located in Songdo Central Park. 

Located in Songdo Central Park on the seaside is the village of Songdo Hanok, a cluster of charming hanok houses set up to bring back memories of life in a historic Korean village. In addition, there are free cultural performances and Korean restaurants to give your Incheon trip a local taste.

Visit the Jeondeungsa Temple

Set at Samrangseong fortress, Jeondeungsa Temple is considered to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Korea, built in the 4th century when Buddhism was first introduced into the Korean peninsula by monks. from china.

Jeondeungsa Temple is famous for its eye-catching architecture.

The Jeondeungsa Temple is famous for its eye-catching architecture, the inside includes the impressive Daeungbojeon Hall (main shrine hall), where an ornate canopy of wood is carved in the background of a golden Buddha statue. In addition to the hall, which is Korea National Treasure No. 178, other national treasures on site include the Yangheonsu Victory Monument and the 11th-century Beomjong Bell.

Shop at Sinpo international market

Several suppliers of vegetables to immigrants from Japan, China and the West flocked to the area after the Incheon port opened in the late 19th century, now Sinpo international market with more than 140 stores. .


Sinpo International Market has more than 140 bustling stores. 

The expansive market has a wide variety of goods such as shoes, clothes and fish, but is mainly known for its stalls selling savory dishes like dakgangjeong (fried chicken topped with sweet and spicy sauce), mandu (dumplings). and custard.

Experience the royal family in Paradise City

Come adventure in Paradise City, a luxury hotel, casino, spa, dining and entertainment district James Bond. This is the most exclusive entertainment and resort complex in Northeast Asia. Paradise City has a Michelin-starred restaurant serving Cantonese cuisine called Imperial Treasure, a spacious, ultra-luxurious indoor theme park and Cimer Spa with indoor and outdoor pools, 11 vacation areas. quiet rest and variety of traditional Korean saunas.

Paradise City is the only luxury entertainment and resort complex in Northeast Asia.

A tour at Paradise Art Space, a modern art gallery, is one of the stops on the Incheon airport's free transit tour.

The magical Wolmi theme park

Located half a mile off the Incheon coast and connected by a bridge, Wolmido Island is a popular weekend destination in Incheon. 

The magical Wolmi theme park with many entertainment services.

Here you can admire the sculptures, take a coffee break at one of the many cafes overlooking the sea along the aisle, or ride a pirate ship, the 37-meter-high Ferris wheel in the Prize Park fanciful Wolmi's mind.

Stroll through Songdo Central Park

Incheon's natural center is Songdo Central Park, located next to towering skyscrapers. 

The natural center of Incheon is Songdo Central Park.

Songdo Park is modeled after Manhattan Central Park in the US, in addition to its trails and picnic areas, it also has stretched grasslands, traditional hanok houses, and a man-made lake with services. Rowing boats and water taxis.

Learn about the history of salt making at Sorae Ecological Park

Sorae Ecological Park is a popular destination for a series of romantic walking trails and natural beauty of the surrounding nature. In this area was formerly the Sorae Salt Fields, which produced the largest amount of sun-dried sea salt in Korea until 1996.

Sorae Ecological Park is a popular destination. 

The park's history is well preserved in the form of the Salt Field Center, where visitors can admire old salt treasures and experience Korea's traditional art of salt harvesting. Sorae Park is also a prime spot for viewing natural birds, with many cute wooden windmills scattered around.

Immerse yourself in the fairy village Songwol-dong

It was once a shabby area of ​​Incheon, which was later transformed into the beautiful Songwol-dong Fairy Village, a bizarre tourist spot decorated like scenes from famous fairy tales. 

Beautiful Songwol-dong village with fairytale-like scenery.

Songwol-dong fairytale village is famous for many rainbows, castles and paintings or statues of classical characters such as Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White.

Relax on the beach

Incheon Airport is located on an artificial land between Yeongjong and Yongyu islands. Therefore, visitors can take a quick taxi to relax at Eurwangni Beach with a large white sand beach.

Eurwangni Beach with large white sand. 

Although the beach is only open for swimming in summer, guests can take a walk on the beach at any time of the year. Along the coast, there are also many affordable seafood restaurants and hotels.

Visit Baengnyeong Island during the day

To reach Baengnyeong Island, visitors have to take a 4-hour ferry from Incheon. But the unique and wild landscape makes it a must-visit Incheon tourist destination  .

Baengnyeong Island owns a unique and wild landscape. 

Looking at the map, it looks like Baengnyeong Island is on the other side of the North Korean border, but it is actually one of the northwestern border islands of South Korea. This remote, windy island is famous for its history and mysterious rock formations, and the extensive Sagot Beach was used as a military airport during the Korean War. 

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