Do not miss these interesting Dubai tourist attractions

 A list of interesting Dubai tourist destinations will reveal where you should go and what to play to make the most of each moment in your itinerary.

Finding the right tourist destination during a season like this is difficult, but there are still many safe places for you to have extremely enjoyable trips. In it, Dubai is an ideal destination and extremely safe for you and your loved ones. Here are Dubai tourist destinations that you can not ignore.

Burj Khalifa: Dubai class tourist destination

Burj Khalifa building is designed in a sharp needle, skyscraper with 164 floors and 828m high, is the tallest man-made building in the world attracting millions of tourists visit each year.

One of the highlights of Burj Khalifa is the Armani Hotel Dubai - which offers fine dining with 6-star care.

At the foot of Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall, a shopping center in Dubai and the largest shopping mall in the world by area. This is the shopping paradise for customers who love brands.

Burj Khalifa is the most famous and attractive destination in Dubai.

You can also exercise in this Burj Khalifa building. Burj Club offers modern gyms. Swimming pools are of Olympic size standards. Or relax in a luxurious Spa room with bar and restaurant. 

Standing on the At The Top observatory is also an enjoyable experience. You can enjoy a view of the vast Dubai, the Gulf regions and the desert.

Dubai Fountain: A unique Dubai tourist destination

The Dubai Fountain is the largest fountain system in the world. Since its inception, it has usurped the throne of the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas and the fountain of Wealth in Singapore. It offers unique water music performances from the world's most expensive system.

With an area of ​​more than 120,000 square meters, Dubai Fountain is located on the artificial lake Burj Khalifa. This famous building is located right in the heart of Downtown Dubai in Dubai.

Lighting system of Dubai fountain includes 6,600 lights and 25 color projectors, 75m long. Even if you stand 30km away, you can still see the light coming from the fountain. The 360 ​​° rotation function of the 3D sprinkler system generates enough force to shoot up 152.4m of water into the air. Along with the undulating water are classic and contemporary sounds. Various spray patterns and shapes are created from this nozzle system. To celebrate New Year 2011, fire fountains were installed as a special element that adds charm to the performances.

Dubai tourism can not help but visit The Dubai Fountain

With each evening there will be different performances, with different music and its own water spray dance. The newness of the Dubai fountain is the creation of new water dances in different performances, visitors go from surprise to surprise and can only keep their eyes fixed. Dance of water and immerse yourself in this shimmering Dubai. The spectacular water music performance at the Dubai fountain will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

Spice Souk Market: Dubai tourist destination colorful

In addition to the modern, famous and stature architecture, Dubai tourism is also attractive by its unique traditional values. One of Dubai's most impressive cultural beauty is the spice market called Spice Souk.

Spice Souk, which is considered the most characteristic spice paradise of this Muslim country. It is known that hundreds of years ago, when merchant boats from the East came to Dubai to buy spices. Spice Souk Spice Market has contributed a great part to the development and formation of the aroma path of the BC years.

Spice Souk Market with thousands of interesting traditional spices. 

Spice Souk spice market is beautiful and impressive like a world filled with colors, making visitors feel interested in the rich, special aromas. In addition to the indispensable spices of Middle Eastern cuisine such as cinnamon rolls, curry powder, this famous market also sells hundreds of esoteric spices such as frankincense, herbal tea, nutmeg. , nuts and a variety of cosmetics from Central and South Asian countries ...

In addition to mainly spices to prepare dishes, Spice Souk spice market also sells a variety of children's toys, scarves, souvenirs and traditional items of the people. Dubai locality. Often travelers traveling to Dubai as well as the Spice Souk spice market should dress discreet clothes to avoid revealing and do not forget to bargain at the right prices to own the unique products of this market. 

Frame Dubai: Dubai tourist destination best quality play

When it comes to tourism in Dubai, people talk about the most luxurious and the most classy. Once again Dubai confirmed that to the world. Join a Dubai tour to discover the most interesting and most impressive things about Dubai gold-plated "Photo Frame" 

In particular, this "gilded photo frame" project was built in Zabeel Park - one of the largest parks in Dubai, located on Sheikh Zayed Road, right between the World Trade Center and Al. Karama.

Dubai frame with unique design will be an interesting destination in Dubai

The tower, dubbed Dubai Frame, is the latest in a series of iconic projects of Dubai. The tower was built based on the idea of ​​bringing the entire Dubai city scene into one picture frame, one side is a modern image of Dubai with skyscrapers in the south and the other is traditional Dubai with the city of Deira. old in the north.

The tower also has a museum on the ground floor, which displays artifacts that show the changing city of Dubai over time with modern sound system and 3D effects.

When entry is allowed, guests will move the elevator up and have a full view of Dubai on the Sky deck. It displays the formative past of the rich city of Dubai. Lots of giant frames were recreated. Next, visitors come to the corridor with pictures of old markets in Dubai. All are fully equipped with lighting and fog systems to bring visitors an enjoyable Dubai experience .

Ski Dubai: Dubai tourist destination offers a new experience

If you have the opportunity to travel to Dubai , you can not ignore the very famous Ski Dubai, which will bring you many new experiences.

Ski Dubai has a vast area of ​​22,500m2, with a capacity of up to 1500 guests it was built to become Dubai's number 1 ski destination. 

Ski Dubai, carefully invested from design to modern "real snow" technology, the temperature at this ski park is always between -1 and -2 degrees Celsius, so even During hot summer days, it doesn't affect your game. 

Skiing experience in the hot dry Dubai desert. 

Not only that, the lively skiing scene in Ski Dubai makes you and your loved one more attracted to the exciting snow games of this wonderful ski park.

In Ski Dubai, there are 5 ski slopes of different lengths and slopes in a giant dome. It will be a fun experience as you slide through soft layers of snow, beat your own challenges by sliding over steep slopes, and snow rails in the Freestyle Zone. Or you can also climb the cable car for a panoramic view of the slopes from the sky.

One point that you must definitely visit when coming to Ski Dubai is Avalanche Cafe, you will be kept warm at -4oC with a glass of hot chocolate - Avalanche specialty is famous all over the world.

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Burj Al Arab Hotel: Dubai tourist destination has a special shape

The next Dubai tourist destination that you cannot ignore is the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. The hotel has a very special shape like a windy sail offshore.

This hotel is not built on land but on an artificial island. With a height of 321m, this is the tallest hotel in the world. The hotel is extremely luxuriously designed with 22 carat gold columns and 24,000 m2 of marble. Currently, Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world and is the hotel with the largest and highest corridor in the world.

Balcony areas or tennis courts, swimming pools ... at Burj Al Arab are an architect's masterpiece with different levels of color, bringing freshness, full of vitality and equally splendid. for this 7 star hotel.

Burj Al Arab - the only 7-star hotel in the world. 

From the outside, Burj Al Arab has two main colors and white and clear blue, bringing a sense of sophistication and elegance to the hotel, very suitable for its location in the waters of Dubai. However, when stepping inside, visitors will be overwhelmed by the sea of ​​eye-catching colors to 'dance' under the light of countless hanging lights everywhere.

Burj Al Arab has 202 Deluxe Suite rooms which are essentially a 2-story apartment scattered across 26 floors of the hotel. The rooms are designed in warm colors, fully equipped with luxurious amenities, with windows overlooking the beautiful coast of Dubai. The objects in the room are inlaid with gold and marble, creating a noble that any guest is also satisfied.
Burj Al Arab has all 8 world-class restaurants and bars, has a breakfast restaurant, some of them specialize in Mediterranean or Middle Eastern dishes so visitors can rest assured to enjoy the delicious dishes. taste.

Dubai Flower Gardens: A tourist destination with a unique beauty

Miracle Garden, the world's largest flower garden with 65 million flowers, with an area of ​​up to 72,000 m2 with many unique beauty is the choice not to be missed when you travel to Dubai.

The flower garden is located in the Al Barsha South subdivision, Dubai, opened on Valentine's Day 2013, has since become a famous Dubai tourist destination for nature lovers and many couples come to take wedding photos.

What makes Dubai Miracle Garden attractive to tourists is its design concept. There, appeared a series of miracles recreated from flowers. Snow houses, hearts, peacocks, cartoon characters, to the pyramids of Egypt, giant planes from flowers ... Children to adults are all attracted to flower gardens.

Dubai Flower Gardens is the ideal destination for those who love flowers. 

The highlight of Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest flower model in the world. It is a replica of the Airbus A380 Emirates airline made up of more than 500,000 fresh flowers and many plants. When the flowers are in full bloom, this entire plane could have as many as 5 million flowers

Miracle Garden is usually open from October every year until April of the following year. This is the time when the trees flourish, the weather is cool and pleasant, suitable for shopping.

There are also many wonderful Dubai tourist attractions such as Skydive Dubai, Alserkal Avenue, Palm Jumeirah Island ...


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