Dubai cuisine - class is shown through super expensive dishes

  Dubai cuisine possesses many unique and attractive points, this is also one of the interesting things to help the Dubai tourism industry develop more and more.

With a multi-ethnic country, Dubai cuisine is also richer thanks to the delicate blend of many different cuisines. Coming here, you will see pictures of Arabic dishes, Chinese specialties sold very popularly and everywhere in the city, from small restaurants to large restaurants in Dubai. Especially the super expensive dishes that only the rich can enjoy.


Travel to Dubai to enjoy the most expensive ice cream in the world

The cream is called "Black Diamond" and is one of the specialties of the famous Scoopi cafe restaurant in Dubai. Each ice cream here is priced at up to 816 USD. This is a luxury dish, but many people love it and come to eat it.

The point that makes this ice cream the most expensive in the world because of its gold coating

The high-priced ice cream is made from the special ingredients: Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Iranian saffron and Italian black trufle mushrooms. The top surface of the cream is coated with thin and edible slices of 23 carat gold. Ice cream looks much more luxurious and seductive when placed in a cup printed with Versace motifs.

Visitors who have finished eating ice cream can bring cups and spoons back as souvenirs

Sweet with camel milk chocolate flavor while traveling to Dubai

With so many nurtured camels, Dubai has an abundance of camel milk, which is used to create a special delicacy: camel milk chocolate.

This is a traditional dish of the ancient Bedouin peoples in the desert. Later, with the nutritional value and unique flavors it brings, camel milk cafes were opened and more and more appeared. Finally, the interesting product is camel milk chocolate, a specialty of Dubai's sweet flavor, brought home as gifts by many tourists from all over the country as gifts when traveling to Dubai .

Camel milk chocolate is a traditional dish of the Bedouin ethnic groups.

Camel milk is one of the ingredients that make up many delicacies of Dubai cuisine and has long been known for its amazing benefits for human health, especially with the immune system because it contains many vitamins.

Super sweet with camel milk chocolate

Gold-plated tea - a luxury feature in Dubai cuisine

With a country that loves pure gold like in Dubai, the addition of a little gold in tea is probably not too surprising. The cafe named Mocca Art has been serving this luxury drink in less than 2 months. During a trip to England, the shop owner Mahran together with a friend had the opportunity to enjoy a drink containing leaves made of gold. Since then, a business idea has been formed.

The cafe named Mocca Art has started serving a gilded tea drink. 

Processing and marinating this tea is very meticulous. First, people will choose the best Ceylon tea leaves in the Sri Lanka region, then move to Germany to gild gold. Finally, the tea will be transferred to Morocco for fragrance and packaging and then to Dubai.

Processing and marinating this tea is very meticulous

Normally, gold jewelry cannot be eaten. Simply because like other metals, they are quite heavy, making it difficult for the body to absorb. Gold used for tea must be pure and no other metals in the ingredients. This pure gold will be absorbed by the body after 24 hours and has a very good effect on health.


Cappuccino covered with gold powder

The famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, UAE created a golden cup of coffee called "The Ultimate Gold Cappuchino", served at the Sahn Eddar outdoor cafe on the hotel's premises. 

Gold-coated cappuccino is served at the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, UAE.

The cup of coffee is flavored with a large amount of 24-carat gold covered in Espresso coffee, covered with thin Italian gold leaves and decorated with a sail-shaped ornament - the symbol of the hotel. To serve attentively and avoid "out of stock", customers need to order one day in advance for this unique drink.

The cup of coffee is added to taste a large amount of 24-carat gold topped with Espresso. 

Despite true luxury, the price of an Ultimate Gold Cappuccino is not out of reach of regular customers coming here. The price for you to enjoy a cup of coffee in this noble style is only 26 USD.

It can be said that the above dishes are very special. So, if you have the opportunity, you should travel here and enjoy the unique dishes only in Dubai cuisine .

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