Korean travel taboos, everyone must 'memorize'

 Join customary. Knowing what is acceptable or unacceptable where you are going makes the trip more enjoyable. If you plan on going to Korea and need some advice, we're here to help! This list of Korean taboos will be useful to you.

Korea is a country with a long-standing culture with more than 600 years of age. So when traveling, working, studying or living in Korea, you should pay attention to some ceremonial rules in communication and activities to quickly socialize and adapt to life, people. here. The taboo when traveling to Korea  is quite similar to the concept of a ritual in Vietnamese society, but it is stricter. 

1. Speak out loud on public transport

On buses and subways, people talk less often. If necessary, speak very quietly to avoid disturbing others. If you see someone talking out loud, it's definitely a foreigner or an elderly person. Koreans don't like to be bothered or bothered. So, when traveling to Korea , try to keep quiet if you do not want to receive bad eyes from everyone.

Making noise on the bus or public transport is a taboo you should pay attention to while in Korea. 

2. Giving and receiving items with one hand

Korean travel experience shows that giving and receiving items can reveal a lot about a person's educational level. In Korea, anything you give or receive from someone else is done with both hands. The older the person or the higher the status, the more respected and respected this action is a way of showing it. With friends, you can deliver items with one hand, but you should still use the other for light relief.  

Use two hands to receive items. 

3. Reject gifts of the elderly  

Parents often teach their children not to accept gifts from strangers. But in Korea, if the stranger is an elderly person, you should not refuse to accept gifts from them. In Korean culture , this is considered an insult. Even if you don't know the person and doubt the gift, accept it and respond with a smile. No one needs to know what you'll do with the gift afterwards, so accept it with courtesy.

Do not refuse gifts from elders. 

4. Show intimacy in public

The intimate gestures of couples such as kissing, cuddling ... in public places can be attributed to sexual harassment. Passersby also often feel offended when witnessing intimate scenes of couples. Therefore, of course, this is also taboo when traveling to Korea .

Avoid being intimate in public. 


5. Put on footwear indoors  

Korean culture and some other East Asian countries believe that shoes carry dirty things on the road and outside. So to prevent bad energy from entering the house, indoor slippers are placed outside the door so people can change their shoes before entering the house.  

Remember to put the slippers outside. 

6. Do not insert chopsticks into the rice bowl

Just like in some countries, inserting chopsticks into a rice bowl is like an offering rice bowl. So you must be careful when giving the bowl of rice to someone, because if you put the chopsticks in, they will understand that you are cursing them. When traveling to Korea , you should not give rice to others when you put chopsticks in a bowl of rice.

Sticking chopsticks in a bowl is taboo in Korea

7. Do not sit in senior seats

There are seats reserved for the elderly and pregnant women on Korean subways. Please note do not sit in such positions.

Take care not to sit in positions intended for special subjects.

8. Write your name in red ink

Koreans never write names in red ink. They perceive this as a bad thing and bring a bad omen. Koreans believe that the deceased should write their names in red ink. So, this is the top taboo when  traveling to Korea .

9. Leave the table in front of the elders

During meals, you should pay attention to your eating speed, because if you finish the meal too soon and leave the table in front of the older people, you will be seen as impolite. When you finish eating, set up your chopsticks and sit at the table waiting for someone else to finish their meal.

Do not get up from the table in front of the elderly

10. Don't shake your thighs

Koreans refrain from shaking thighs or shaking legs. It is thought that shaking your thighs will shake your luck, all the luck will be thrown out. Especially for children, parents often advise their descendants not to shake their thighs. To make your trip more complete, please pay attention to these taboos when traveling to Korea .

Do not shake your thighs when traveling to Korea. 

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