The trend of raising ants in Singapore is new and unique, attracting many tourists to visit

 The more society develops, the more people have more hobbies to increase the enjoyment of life. In particular, the pet raising trend is responded and loved by many people. However, everyone wants to keep different animals, especially dogs and cats are the most common. Therefore, when coming to Singapore, visitors are attracted and surprised with the trend of raising ants here. Unlike adorable animals, ants are very small and often live in groups. So what is the reason why ant farming in Singapore is so popular?

In many countries, ants are non-toxic and often have little exposure to them. However, many places also use them to make many unique dishes. However, no one believes that ants can be raised as "pets". Raising ants for many people will even be an obsession, but when you come to Singapore, you will find joy in raising this adorable animal. Learn about  ants farming in Singapore  by businessman John Ye, who inspired ants like pets in the country.


About ants shop at Singapore Just Ants

Just Ants is a pet store by businessman John Ye, 41. This is a store that is attracting the attention of many people and has emerged as a trend in business. However, the location was opened during the COVID-19 outbreak, so it was difficult to start a business.

Ant raising is quite prominent and is loved by many people

After a period of operation, thanks to the special and unique, this place still attracts many tourists to visit. In which, John Ye, the shop owner who is always enthusiastic and shows love for this animal, is what makes many people admire. Since then, the ant raising activity in Singapore has become more and more popular and responded to by many people.

Ants' compartments

John Ye's ant pet shop.


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Interesting things at John Ye's ants shop

John Ye - an enthusiastic boss

Talking about ants farming in Singapore , very few people can be as persistent and careful as John Ye. When asked about the reason for opening a Just Ants store, he said: “The opening of the store is rooted in my interest. Then I started to dig deeper into ants and tried to collect as much as I could. First one species, then many species. One day, I suddenly thought why I didn't open a store to meet more people with similar interests and share a lot of knowledge with each other. " That was also the starting point for ant farming in Singapore .

John Ye - the enthusiastic owner of the Just Ants store

Since then, the shop owner's enthusiasm and effort he put for the store are all from love. He even quit his job at a company that specializes in distributing electrical appliances and returned to open a store that sells ants like pets.

Just Ants store is the passion and great affection of John Ye


Discover a variety of ants at the store

Operational culture in Singapore is quite strange and not too many people have the patience to do. Although raising ants is quite familiar to Western countries, each place has a different purpose.

According to Ye, he raised ants partly for his hobby, partly because he learned a lot of useful knowledge from this animal. He once shared: "A little ant can we learn many things like persistence and perseverance."

You will discover many different species of ants when coming to Just Ants

If you try to raise ants you will find out a lot of interesting things

Currently, Just Ants store has about 30-35 different species of ants. Among them, there are common ants such as carpenter ants or black-yellow ants.

Keeping ants will help you practice persistence

In particular, there is an "ant hotel" at the store where owners can send their ants when away or busy. Visitors come here to visit the store and watch the interesting activities of ants. You can also buy one of these and follow the instructions at the store. 

Visitors can also observe the interesting activities of ants

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