There is a picturesque fishing village known as the Venice of Japan

   Ine no Funaya fishing village located in Kyoto prefecture is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan with traditional houses located on Ine Bay. With a poetic, ancient beauty comparable to the floating city of Venice, Italy, Ine fishing village is attracting the attention of tourists around the world.

Ine no Funaya fishing village floating on the blue water

The floating village is as beautiful as a fairy tale 

Ine no Funaya fishing village is130km north of theancient city of Kyoto . The first houses here were built in the 1700s close to the sea level, according to the floating house architecture, called Funaya with a typical material is wood. The fishing village was originally built with the purpose of building boats and hanging fishing nets and is preserved to this day, making this place as "Venice of Japan". 

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The floating fishing village is most beautiful when viewed from the sea 

It is known that the coast of Ine Bay used to be part of the trade route from Eurasia to Kyoto, so Ine fishing village developed as a town specializing in the fishing industry and was considered one of the most beautiful and poetic villages in Japan.

Over the centuries, this place seems to escape the process of urbanization and become one of the last traditional fishing villages of Japan . Today, Ine fishing village still has about 230 houses with about 2,500 residents. 

Thanks to its unique features, the town is listed in the list of the 100 most beautiful landscapes in Japan during the Binh Thanh period. Ine Bay is located on the Tango peninsula, famous for its dense forests and white sand beaches. 

The road inside the fishing village Ine 


The unique architecture of Ine no Funaya fishing village

Ine fishing village is a quite secluded place with clear sky and clear blue water that you can hardly find elsewhere in the land of cherry blossoms. Along the banks of Ine Bay, there are about 230 traditional wooden boats that are a unique blend of housing, warehouse and garage, creating a highlight for the fishing village Ine. 

The hundred-year-old houses in the fishing village of Ine are both the marina and the residence of local fishermen. The houses here are built close to the sea so that the people here make full use of the small strip of land between the cliffs and the sea surface.

Ine No Funaya Village still retains the traditional Japanese village 

The structure of the houses here is very unique when the living room is upstairs and the garage space below for tying boats, processing and drying fish. Despite its small size, this fishing village plays a huge role in preserving traditional architectural facilities.

These houses are built in an area of ​​20m wide to make the most of the limited space between mountains and sea. The unique wooden architecture of the houses is very solid because the village is located deep in Ine Bay, the water here is quite quiet and no waves. The people of Ine fishing village are also not affected by natural disasters, floods or strong winds.

Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy many fresh seafood dishes caught directly from the sea 

All activities in Ine relate primarily to the fishing and agricultural industries that have existed since ancient times.  Ine fishing village brings a feeling of closeness, simplicity and a bit of nostalgia. Today, many residents' homes are converted into restaurants, guesthouses or bars serving tourists. Many works have been repaired and expanded compared to the original. 

Ine Bay water is very clear, can be seen to the bottom, jellyfish swimming 

Visitors to Ine fishing village , the specialty that cannot be missed is seafood. Sea food here is very fresh, directly caught and processed by fishermen in the area. In addition, there are other interesting experiences worth trying such as walking around the village, sitting by the seaport, or sitting in the Ine cafe, enjoying the fresh sasimi of the Ine sea and watching the small houses. of the fishing village, ...

Ine fishing village is one of the most beautiful and oldest villages in Japan

The village is located in a remote location, accessible only from the city center by car or bus from Amanohashidate Station. There are 2 ways to fully visit the Ine no Funaya fishing village that is to take a fisherman's fishing boat or canoe. Each canoe trip lasts 30 minutes, costs 1,000 yen, about 200,000 VND. Visitors can also choose to walk to be able to explore all the small streets running around the village. 

The fishing village is dubbed "Venice of Japan" 

Though beautiful and impressive, the Ine fishing village is rarely mentioned in the Japanese tourist map Therefore, this place still retains its inherent tranquility. If you are looking for a tourist destination that brings peace, relaxation and feel the wonderful beauty of nature in the country of the rising sun, Funaya floating house in Ine fishing village is the perfect choice. /.

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