13 reasons why an American falls in love with the land of cherry blossoms after his quick trip to Japan

Japan has always made the World admire and traveling to Japan never disappoints visitors, whether it's culture, cuisine, people or scenery. That is also the reason why the famous tourist blogger in the world falls in love with this country. 

The article below is shared by Nomadic Matt (an American travel blogger) about the things he saw and loved passionately in the country of the rising sun during his recent trip to Japan . 

Nomadic Matt says: “The more expectations you set, the more frustrated you are. But Japan didn't disappoint me. What I have experienced in this country has exceeded my expectations ”.  

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13 reasons to make every trip to Japan become an unforgettable memory

1. Lots of beautiful temples and tranquil meditation gardens

It is a must to say that the temples in Japan are very beautiful. The bells, meditation garden, bamboo and torii gate always give visitors a sense of peace and serenity. 

Japan has many beautiful temples, temples, and landscapes.

And most importantly, you don't need to go to famous Japanese tourist spots , you can easily see them all over the country, from big cities to rural towns. 

2. Delicious sushi

Being the most famous dish in Japan, sushi is really delicious and every visitor will love the fresh, rich taste of each piece of sushi. Japan is the birthplace of sushi, so you can eat them in any of the restaurants here and you will find a taste unmatched in other countries. 

Sushi in Japan is better than anywhere in the world. Source: Tien Phong

Nomadic Matt himself had to say "to be honest, even the worst sushi I've ever eaten in Japan is better than the sushi I've eaten elsewhere in the world!" 

If traveling to Japan , Matt's advice for tourists is to try toro (high quality tuna sushi) on the sushi conveyor belt so that you do not miss the chance to enjoy the best sushi in the World: sticky rice just cooked, the fish is fat and fresh. 

Toro tuna sushi is a delicious and delicious dish that you must try when coming to Japan.


3. The Japanese are very polite

Japan has always surprised the World with its behavior in public and Matt had the opportunity to experience it. 

While this blogger got lost trying to find his way to Couchsurfing's filming location, a young man led him to the place to make sure he wouldn't get lost again. And a security officer brought Matt to the ATM just because he couldn't give directions in English.  

The most polite Japanese in the world, Matt has been verified that.

When traveling to Japan , you will probably be surprised to see the Japanese always start with an "sorry", it is a courtesy that has permeated the Japanese soul from past to present.  

4. The friendliest Japanese in the world

Talking about his travel to Japan , Matt recalls the memory of the Japanese woman running out of the house to chat with his tour group and a very generous man who gave everyone 1,000 pictures of her. my dog. 

The Japanese are not only polite but also very friendly with tourists. 

Then the noodle shop owner that he used to eat when he found out that he was an American insisted on playing baseball with Matt. And the elderly couple smiled at Matt as he said oisshi (Japanese means delicious). And the stranger is willing to help Matt with the order because he doesn't know Japanese. It is very difficult to find such sincerity, unconditionally friendly, anywhere in this World. 

5. Exotic boyfriend / girlfriend "Service"

While in Osaka, Matt's host friend at the program "My Couchsurfing" took him to the nightlife area and Matt was quite surprised with what he observed during this trip to Japan . On the street there are young men and women dressed in pop star costumes who are chasing rich men and women to be their "overnight friends".

In Japan there are a lot of weird services, like my girlfriend's boyfriend.

Do not confuse this service with prostitution. It's simply that the company pays them to dress up and confide in its customers. Each night like that, they can earn 1000 USD. 

This attracted Matt because he thinks it is a very unique culture of Japan! If you're curious travelers like Matt, you can sit there on the street with some popcorn and watch girls and boys dressed as anime characters chasing fathers and mothers, who can buy them drinks or costumes. 

6. Bullet Train - Bullet Train

This is one of the fastest high-speed trains in Japan and the world. Bullet train reduced the journey from 9 hours to 2.5 hours. 

Bullet train is a symbol of Japan's modern industrial society.

Spacious, clean, fast and perfect is what Matt feels when traveling on a bullet train. Although they aren't super cheap, with the Japan Rail Pass, you can travel to Japan as economically as possible. 

7. Vending machines "sprouted" everywhere

It's a fact that you won't be able to keep more than 10 feet away from a vending machine in Japan. Everywhere you see and go during your travels to Japan , two or three machines are lined up neatly next to each other to provide visitors with everything: beer, sake, water, cold tea, clothing, cigarettes, and more. 

Vending machines "sprouted" everywhere in Japan.

Not in the big city but even on the small streets and small towns, you will see the dazzling light of one of these machines. Vending machines, you can find them everywhere in Japan or anywhere during your Japan trip to Tokyo . 

Vending machine in Japan is a mini supermarket, providing everything you need. Source: Vietnam Biz


8. Free and crazy fashion

Matt says he likes crazy and quirky outfits that people wear in Japan. From ao dai wearers to Harajuku girls to locals wearing traditional kimonos, he is easily seen throughout his travels to Japan . 

There are no set standards for fashion in Japan. 

There are no set standards or restrictions on fashion in Japan . A country that is free and respecting everything you wear is like respecting yourself. 

Japanese tourism 12In Japan, you will be free to dress in your favorite outfit. Source: Quietly looking at life


9. Multi-purpose train station

When is a train station more than just a train station? The correct answer is a Japanese train station! Certainly when traveling to Japan , I will also be surprised by this like Matt. 

Shinjuku Station looks more like a shopping mall than a train station. Source. Shinjuku Station

In Japan, the train station is not only for trains but also commercial centers, supermarkets, large restaurants, and office buildings. You can find just about anything at the train stations here, which is really handy if you're late or forget something at home.

10. World-class service

Having traveled many parts of the world, Matt concluded that Asian countries always have much better hotel services than the West, but Japan has taken it to a new level. During this same trip to Japan , Matt left his bags on the street and almost immediately afterward they were brought to his room. 

Services in Japan have reached new heights that have forced other countries to study. 

At traditional hotels in Japan, your sheets will be replaced when you go to dinner and clean them up when guests go for breakfast. Even when leaving the hotel, the owner even waved goodbye to you personally. American hospitality is great, but Americans can learn a thing or ten from the Japanese.

11. Unique onsen culture 

Matt admits that he is not a fan of this culture in Japan. He didn't at all enjoy the feeling of sitting naked among so many naked men like himself.

Onsen is a very unique Japanese culture that you should try if you have the chance. 

However, on his most recent trip to Japan , Matt tried and must admit: sitting in a hot tub with a small waterfall near you is the best way to relax the mind. He even wished that there would be an onsen bath in his American house. 

12. Sake captivates people's hearts

Sake is made from Japanese rice the favorite drink of many people, including Matt. It makes the flavors of Japanese food more vivid. During high-end Japanese tours , visitors are often invited to eat delicious sushi with a cup of sake. 

Sake when served with sushi will make the dish much better.

Enjoying a wide variety of sake during his travels to Japan , Matt has affirmed that drinking sake in Japan is better than anywhere else in the world. There are about 2,700 sake breweries across Japan, each using a different type of rice, Koji yeast and a different water as mineral water or purified water, and produces its own custom. 

Sake is a feature of the Japanese people and also deeply embedded in the cultural and spiritual life of this country for a long time.


13. High-tech toilets

While traveling to Japan , Matt was extremely surprised to see the Japanese turn a simple toilet into a technological wonder. Close your eyes and imagine, as you sit down on a warm toilet seat, music pops and a splash of warm water cleans you from front to back. That feeling of being served is wonderful! 

Most toilets in Japan are equipped with a smart toilet. 

Japan has always made the world admire and traveling to Japan will certainly not disappoint you. After his trip to the country of cherry blossoms, Matt affirmed "I love Japan and will definitely come back to this place!". 

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