Discover Quy Nhon street food with 11 delicious bread dishes

 Along with the "landing" of many new culinary trends, Quy Nhon city is now known for a variety of breads that are both delicious and novel such as fish cakes, mackerel bread ... Planning to do a "food tour" around this beautiful coastal city, don't forget to try all 11 delicious sandwiches in Quy Nhon!

Fish ball bread

This is probably quite a strange bread dish even for Quy Nhon people. As a new breakthrough in the unique street food culture in the coastal city, fish ball bread is increasingly known and loved by many young people.

Fish cakes - a unique delicious bread dish in Quy Nhon.

The most famous is the Ba Bay fish cakes with its own unique and strange flavor. This delicious banh mi in Quy Nhon is filled with crispy, chewy and chewy fish cakes, with a rich sweet taste of fresh fish and a very attractive aroma. 

A hot spring roll bread, adding some cool raw vegetables, served with sweet spicy soy sauce is a favorite dish of many people. 

Address: Ba Bay fish cake bread 12k / loaf at 38 Nguyen Lu.

Mackerel bread

If you are too familiar with pate bread, egg bread, meat sandwiches ... why don't you once challenge your taste with a mackerel sandwich, this will be a very new taste experience. and special. 

Divine breakfast combo of Quy Nhon's "teen": mackerel bread - lemon tea. 

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Mackerel bread is another unique variation of delicious Quy Nhon bread. As the name suggests, the bread will be served with mackerel in sweet and rich tomato sauce, creating a completely new taste that you should definitely try once.

Address: Ca Thu Bread (12 - 15k / loaf): 380C Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Fish rimmed sandwich

As a coastal city endowed with abundant and fresh seafood, it is not surprising that seafoods are thoroughly "utilized" by Quy Nhon people in all dishes, including cakes. noodles!

Braised fish bread with sour, spicy, sweet taste is very attractive. 

If you are a junk food fan who loves sweet and spicy tamarind dishes like rim fish, squid, you should definitely try to enjoy fish bread - Quy Nhon snack is quite popular with young people. A hot loaf of bread combined with a rich, fragrant individual rim will make you fall in love with the last bite!

Address: Hoang Phi rim fish bread price 10k / loaf: 138 Ngo May; 74 Nguyen Hue.

Turkish Bread - Doner Kebab

Originating from distant Turkey, this triangular bread quickly conquered Quy Nhon people by its unique delicious taste. The crust is not too thick but it is crispy and fragrant with the smell of roasted sesame. 

Doner Kebab - favorite street food of young people. 

The inside of the cake includes grilled meat, purple cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber ... very harmonious. Finally, Quy Nhon delicious bread is sprinkled with a sauce that tastes like mayonaise but thinner and fragrant with eggs.

Address: Turkish bread price 15k / loaf: First Bread - 13B Tran Phu; Banh Tuan fat - 284 Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Fatty sandwiches

As Quy Nhon's teen most favorite dish, fat sandwiches are a unique and wonderful combination. If you like the feeling of chewing a piece of crispy fat mousse, greasy grease bread is Quy Nhon's delicious dish for you. 

Crispy grease bread, delicious. 

Fatty sandwiches still include many traditional toppings such as pate, silk rolls, sausages ... pressing more pieces of deep fried fat, marinated with strong, spicy spices stimulates the taste. Biting a piece of hot bread with crispy crunchy fat and sweet and sour pickles will bring you a very enjoyable experience. 

Address: Fat cake with price 10 - 15K / loaf: Vietnamese Bami - 56 Mai Xuan Thuong.

Dotted bread

Dotted Banh Mi is a national dish that is loved by many Quy Nhon because of its unique flavor. Quite similar to pan bread in Hanoi, Quy Nhon dot bread consists of hot toast, served with a pan of fried egg, char siu and a bowl of molten pate that is both soft and fragrant. 

Dotted bread with a pan of hot, fragrant food is the ideal breakfast.

Although there are many side dishes, the dotted bread is sold at a very affordable price. This delicious Quy Nhon bread dish is especially suitable for dinner in the evenings because of the hot, soft and fragrant flavor of bread and omelet, pate. 

Address: Quy Nhon dot bread price 7-10k / part: Seven shops - 17 Nguyen Cong Tru; Bread Loan - 260 Dien Hong.

Salt and chili toast

Since appearing in Quy Nhon, salt and chili toast has created a big "whirlwind" that attracts gourmets of the coastal city. Fast, neat, easy to process but extremely attractive taste are the reasons why this "wave" spreads on the streets, becoming a popular snack that many people love.

A topping filled with salt and chili toast will satisfy any hungry stomach. 

Salt and chili toast has many attractive toppings such as quail eggs, beef jerky, various sauces ... combined with the delicious, salty, spicy flavor of chili salt that makes you eat forever without getting bored! 

Address: Toast With Salt & Chili Price 6-10k / part: 275 Nguyen Thai Hoc; 167 Tran Cao Van; 40 Nguyen Hue.

Bread sticks

The feature of this delicious bread in Quy Nhon is its elongated shape like a stick. The hot, crunchy bread combined with the fatty taste of pate, the pungent chili sauce will quickly satisfy any hungry stomach.

Only pate, bread and chili sauce, but the bread sticks still have their own charm. 

There is no meat, eggs, rolls ... as usual, but the sandwiches still make diners extremely loved because of the simple fatty taste that fits the mouth.  

Address: sandwiches priced at 6 - 10k: 260 Dien Hong; 36 Ly Thai To; 40 Chapter Ocean.


As one of the  most unique Binh Dinh cuisines , toast without eye-catching appearance but easily captivates you because of its indescribable seductive scent, you only need to try it once and you'll be stuck. forever!

Toast - a strange but delicious bread dish in Quy Nhon. 

The price is very affordable, but the toast is "fat and hostile" because there are many kinds of delicious fillings such as: grilled meat, silk rolls, eggs ... served with "heirloom" sauce to create a special flavor. unforgettable. 

Address: toast price 10 - 15k / loaf: 81 Ngo May

Lagu bread

Appearing quite early in Quy Nhon, Lagu bread is probably the oldest bread dish here. The first impression that this type of bread gives is the feeling of "hot, blowing and eating". 

Lagu bread with a bowl of soup full of flavor and flavor. 

You will enjoy a tray of food including: a plate of crispy hot bread, a bowl of lagu with tender meat combined with the sticky taste of lotus seeds, sweet potatoes, carrots, red beans ... blended in the water. Sweet and rich viscous sauce. 

Depending on each shop, the materials for making lagu will be different, creating its own mark. Lagu bread with delicious hot soup is perfect for breakfast. 

Address: Lagu bread price 20 - 30k / part: Alley 171 Nguyen Hue; 132 Ngo May.

Beef soup break

Finally in the list of 11 delicious bread dishes in Quy Nhon is beef stew bread. This dish is made from lean beef mixed with fat and tendons, stewed softly with rich flavor, strong aroma of cinnamon and anise.

Hot braised beef sandwiches will be an energetic breakfast for you. 

Fresh carrots and onions harmonize the braised beef bread, adding the finishing touches to the color and flavor of the dish. Dab a piece of crispy bread in the bowl of beef stock, add a little salt, pepper and lemon to taste, you will have a very delicious meal. 

Address: beef bread with the price of 15-25k / part: 27 Nguyen Cong Tru; 132 Ngo May.

Bread is not only a familiar breakfast, an afternoon supper, or a heartwarming late night snack, but also a pretty interesting snack. Traveling to Binh Dinh  and experiencing street food here, do not forget to visit the bakery to enjoy the delicious and delicious taste of this "national snack"!


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