Experience a 'what the rich do with' with the top 4 theme parks in Dubai

Motiongate, Bollywood, Legoland Park, Legoland Water Park are the top amusement parks that you should not miss when traveling to Dubai.

There are gilded dishes, expensive supercars or skyscrapers, ... of course, Dubai tourism also has no shortage of top amusement parks  for visitors to come here can experience the feeling of "people. rich play ".

Diagram of 4 amusement parks in Dubai Parks and Resorts. 

Motiongate amusement park

Motiongate amusement park is a place for true "movie nerds". Opened on December 16, 2016, Motiongate is the world of the blockbuster movies and the most adventure games in the world. In particular, Motiongate is very suitable for family trips with children when traveling to Dubai.

Motiongate amusement park. 

If you are a fan of the movie The Hungers Game, you can not miss the tour of Panen Aerial or the extremely interesting Capitol Bullet. If you are a hard fan of KungFu Panda, this place has Unstoppable Awesomeness - a new 3D virtual reality game. In addition, there are also performances at the Step Up Dubai show with skillful and attractive dance moves.

Do not miss the opportunity to check-in here when traveling to Dubai. 

At Motiongate amusement park, there is also a Smurf Village area for children. Explore this area, children can freely take pictures, record their lovely moments in the Smurfberry factory or chat with famous characters in the movie of the same name. In addition, the Madagascar region has unique performances and the Madagascar Mad Pursuit ride is extremely interesting.

KungFu Panda game. 

Ticket price: 90 USD (about 2 million VND / 1 adult) and 76 USD / 1 child.

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Bollywood Park

Dubai Bollywood Park is the only theme park in the world inspired by the Indian cinema industry. Located in the middle of Dubai Parks and Resorts, this park is divided into 5 areas corresponding to the 5 most popular films of Indian cinema.

Bollywood Park Dubai.

You will be on the adventure in 4D multi-sensory theater with flying in the sky with Krrish, or plunge into the thrilling virtual world in the movie Ra. Alternatively, head to the epic Bollywood concerts that will take you back to the 60s, 70s and 80s with all the hits of that era.

This place is filled with Bollywood colors. 

When coming to this park, you can also experience the colorful streets of Mumbai and join mafia boss Don in an epic chase through a thrilling, fascinating 3D tunnel ride. Alternatively, visit the majestic Indian village modeled after Lagaan's hit film and embark on a series of adventurous and intriguing rides.

Stroll past Bollywood Avenue, the home of Rock On and discover Indian cuisine in its themed restaurants are activities you should not miss. You will be surprised to visit Rajmahal Theater - which is considered the heart and soul of Bollywood Park Dubai, where you will get a behind-the-scenes look at the Bollywood film production process.

Ticket price: 78 USD / 1 adult and 67 USD / 1 child

Legoland Dubai

LegoLand Park and LegoLand Water Park both opened in November 2016. These two places are made up of 60 million Lego bricks and more than 15,000 different lego blocks. It is also the first Lego park in the Middle East and 7th worldwide. Legoland Park is very suitable for family trips  with children  from 2 to 12 years old.

LegoLand Dubai. 

LegoLand is divided into 6 different areas: Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland. Each land will give you different interesting experiences and adventures. The first place your family will visit is Factory, where children will be able to assemble Lego according to their imagination. In addition, the whole family will visit the Lego factory, learn about the production lines and you can buy Lego-related souvenirs at the Middle East's largest stores.

Adventure area.

Coming to Lego City, children can once again experience becoming citizens here by driving Lego cars moving around the city watching the Lego buildings, or maybe driving a boat, flying a assembled model airplane. to save burning buildings or save people in distress.

In addition, your whole family will explore the medieval castle by roller coaster in Kingdoms, and explore the Adventure area by boat and roller coaster extremely attractive. For more complete enjoyment, visit Imagination and Miniland to learn about Lego stories and see miniature Dubai city assembled from millions of Lego pieces in great detail and monumental.

Legoland Water Park 

Legoland Water Park is the world's first water theme park inspired by Lego. Coming to this amusement park, you will experience underwater games with more than 20 pipes, or Joker Soaker - where you will be able to design your own Lego raft and relax on the lazy river.

Legoland Water Park is great for family trips with children. Photo: legoland.com

Alternatively, challenge yourself with a Twist n Spin or Splash Out spiral game. If you feel hungry, stop by Waves Bistro to enjoy delicious pizza or burger. 

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