Explore the snow park in the desert, stroll the gold market and experience unique experiences unique to Dubai

Dubai is world famous for its skyscrapers and beautiful resorts, coming to Dubai you will be involved in many extremely interesting experiences.

1. Explore the Safari Desert

The first experience that visitors cannot ignore is to explore Dubai's most famous desert - the Safari desert. 

If you have had a lot of time in the modern city of Dubai, go out and explore the Safari desert to find more interesting things. Watching giant sand blocks, driving terrain across the red sands of the Safari desert and enjoying barbecue in the desert are extremely enjoyable experiences here.

Not only that, visitors can camp overnight in the desert, watch the starry night sky and explore the nightlife of some indigenous people.

Your trip to Dubai wouldn't be complete without exploring the Safari desert - one of the best things to do in Dubai.


2. Selfie before Burj Al Arab

Considered one of the symbols of Dubai - Burj Al Arab building is a destination not to be missed when visiting this rich country.

Any trip to Dubai you will always have a view of Dubai's world famous building - Burj Al Arab is located next to the vast coastline. Built in the shape of the sail of a boat, Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, a top tourist destination in the world. 

The resort cost at this hotel is quite high, but guests always have moments of relaxation and care, you can enjoy a luxurious meal or sip a cocktail at one of these good restaurants The bar is located inside the hotel. 

And the special thing not to miss is a selfie in front of the hotel and the beautiful Jumeirah beach in the background. 


3. Watch the sunset from the Burj Khalifa building

Watching the sunset from Burj Khalifa building is a great experience not to be missed when traveling to Dubai.

With an altitude of 828m, 160 floors, Burj Khalifa still holds the record for the tallest man-made architecture in the world, the most attractive tourist destination in Dubai. 

Coming to Bufj Khalifa building, visitors can not only visit the large commercial centers but also see the modern city of Dubai from the observatory here. The observatory located on the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa also holds the record for being the highest viewing deck in the world, at an altitude of over 450 meters.
On the 124th floor, the outside observation area is always crowded with tourists. The view from the 124th floor is an unforgettable experience, and even more impressive is the panoramic view of the magnificent city of Dubai surrounded by a vast and dry desert.

The best time for you to see Dubai is at sunset, with a 360 degree view, the beautiful city shimmering under the golden hues of sunset, and make sure to bring your camera to capture the great moments. This wonderful.


4. Parachuting on Palm Jumeirah Island

Sure, you can skydive in many places, but skydiving on Palm Jumeirah Island is a very enjoyable experience when traveling to Dubai .

Palm Jumeirah artificial island is one of the greatest works in Dubai. This is also known as the largest man-made island in the world is planned to be a tree shape stretching from the coast of Dubai to offshore. The island is considered the most luxurious resort in Dubai, is the ideal destination for those who love traveling.

One of the experiences that every visitor always wants to experience when coming to Palm Jumeirah is skydiving. From above you will have vast views down below, beautiful beaches and vast Dubai.


5. Visit the largest gold market in Dubai

Visiting the Dubai gold market is an extremely "luxury" experience in Dubai.

Dubai's largest gold market is Dubai Gold Souk Gold Market, this is also the most famous traditional gold market in Dubai and the world. The market is located in the Deira shopping center with more than 380 retail stalls and jewelry stores made of silver, platinum and diamonds.

Coming to the Dubai Gold Souk Gold Market, you will be overwhelmed by the splendor, and the enormous amount of gold here. Please be sure to check your checked baggage size for more useful information on your trip.


6. Ride roller coaster in Ferrari World park

As one of the fastest rollercoaster races in the world, riding a roller coaster at Ferrari World park is an enjoyable experience that cannot be missed when coming to Dubai.

Ferrari World Park, located on Yas Island between the two coasts of the city of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is a great destination for those who love speed. This park is the largest indoor park in the world, on the inside of the Ferrari World park complex there is also an F1 race track. 

Ferrari World Park owns the fastest roller coaster in the world - Formula Rossa, with a maximum speed of 240km / h, accelerates from 0 to 10km / h in 2 seconds and can reach a height of 58m. Super-speed trains are shaped quite similar to the Formula 1 Ferrari cars, bringing extremely interesting experience moments. This is a very wonderful experience that you must try when coming to Dubai.


7. Explore the snow park in the desert of Dubai

"Snow desert" is seemingly impossible, but all will come true when you come to Ski Dubai - the world's largest indoor snow park in the middle of the harsh Dubai desert.

Ski Dubai - a huge winter entertainment hub on the journey to the United Arab Emirates. Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates commercial center in the New Dubai region.

With an area of ​​up to 22,500 square meters and with a capacity of less than 1500 guests, Ski Dubai is built to become Dubai's number one ski destination. Ski Dubai is carefully invested, from design to the use of technology to create realistic snow in a modern way. At the same time, the temperature in this ski park is always between -10C and -20C (even on hot summer days). Ski Dubai has 5 ski slopes and all snow sports. The longest slide here is 400m with a drop of about 60m.

There are also many interesting experiences in Ski Dubai such as Ski Slopes, Chair Lift cable car ride, playing with penguins or sipping delicious hot chocolate ...


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