How to make delicious Hue Bo Noodles standardized with an electric soup pot

 Hue beef noodle soup is not a delicious dish that many people love because it has a delicious aroma and is especially important from Hue. However, the dish itself is no longer easy to make. Because of that, to grasp the psychology of customers, more or less Hue beef noodle shops were opened.

But not all tastes are the same. Not that any Hue beef noodle shop will keep customers eating. Because the taste of that Hue beef vermicelli is not good, not standard for taste. Don't worry, let us share with you a great skill to cook Hue beef noodle soup that is both delicious and time-saving.

The way to make Hue beef vermicelli is both delicious and delicious, standardizing with an electric pot and cooking noodles is not difficult if you follow the following secret.

Raw materials to cook Hue noodle dish

  • 700g of beef in corn
  • 700g of beef steak
  • 500g beef ribs
  • 2 pork rolls (choose the pork roll first) (about 800g)
  • 5kg of tubular bone or rack
  • 3 cups of Hue shrimp sauce soup
  • 6 cups lemongrass
  • 1 wild baby ginger (50g)
  • Purple onion, show
  • Vermicelli, raw vegetables, sliced ​​banana vegetables, split water spinach ...
  • Hue Cha (optional)
  • Chilli paste,….

Steps to cook delicious Hue beef.

Step 1: Ninh broth, stew

  • When buying pig bones, beef bones are soaked in water with a little salt soaked for 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean blood and remove dirt. Wash the bones a few more times.
  • Put water in the pot, when the water is sticky, let the bones boil for 1-3 minutes and then pour the water away. Next, wash the bones again with water to make them clean.
  • Put the bones in the stainless steel electric noodle pot, fill it with water (about 5 liters of water, if anyone's house is crowded or has guests, simmer more water as desired).
  • Put in a pot of broth broth simmering 1 grilled onion, 1 grilled ginger root, 2 grilled purple onions will help the pot of Hue beef noodle soup both fragrant and delicious.
  • On average, bone stewing in about 6-8 hours, new bones create all the sweetness and aroma. To reduce time, you can simmer bones, cook bones with electric noodle soup pots, electric soup pots.
  • This is a secret to making quick broth stewed by many owners of pho, noodle, beef noodle soup. Because the electric noodle cooker , the electric bone casserole pot can completely cook the main, mowing the bones in only about 1-2 hours.

Step 2: Preliminary processing through the remaining ingredients.

  • Beef flakes, beef tendons, beef corns, pork rolls ... soak in salt water, washed, and poured over boiled water. The steak can be completely wrapped up for a nice later cut.
  • Looks like we can use the pork skin to roll it up, and it is also delicious and beautiful when cooked. Pig nails and pork rolls use a razor to clear their feathers, soak them in salty water for 10-15 minutes, tightly circle them to make them beautiful.
  • Grow balls: Mix uncooked pork shoulder with ground pork shoulder (400gr pork shoulder minced with both lean pork & uncooked fat, 6 chopped shiitake mushrooms, 4 chopped mushroom mushrooms). continuously mix with mushrooms, shiitakes, soup powder, seasoning powder, pepper, sugar, .. Bring the pellets into small, flavorful balls.
  • Bring the beef flakes, pork tendons, pig hoofs, blanch the boiled water for 1-2 minutes to clean the shore dust. Then repeatedly rinse with water to clean. Then add a little seasoning seasoning, pepper before dropping into the pot of bone broth .
  • The beef and beef flakes came to cook delicious and delicious Hue beef noodle soup, standardized by the electric soup pot , the industrial bone stew pot .
  • Usually the steak steak in the pot of simmering water for about 35 minutes is really cooked, the pig's hoof is about 40 minutes. Then take out the basin (brass) of ice cold water. Wait until it has cooled down to drain almost completely into the bowl, cover with film. Bring the refrigerator cooler, that helps to make pork rolls, crispy beef.
  • The growing portion is also very well cooked and left out.
  • The herbs eaten with Hue beef vermicelli should be washed, soaked in salt water for 10 - 20 minutes, and left to drain. Choosing vegetables used with fresh, washing vegetables so that they don't become too clean and very clean also increases the attractiveness of beef noodles.
  • After tunneling enough time, use a racket to remove all bones, onions, onions, ginger ... out. Continuously filter the broth through a sieve and the bone broth is clear.

Step 3: How to prepare the broth, cook delicious Hue beef vermicelli (broth)

  • Pour all the broth into the stainless steel pot to cook electric pho. Wildly chopped lemongrass stump, the body makes it drop into a pot of broth to make it more fragrant.
  • Garlic bulb, chopped purple onion. For cooking oil in a pan, fry lemongrass, garlic, shallots. add a bit of cashew oil color, if no cashew oil. Then, a little fragrant satay, Korean chili powder with lemongrass, garlic, chopped onions.
  • Put everything in a pot of Hue beef noodle soup
  • Add fish sauce to the plate with a little hot water, wait for the sauce to settle. Pour the water above and pour into the pot of broth.
  • Season and add 50% finely chopped pineapple fruit into an electric broth. season to taste the spices to taste. Those who eat sweet, give a few tablets of rock sugar and a bit of MSG to make the broth reasonably fragrant and delicious.
  • Put the fish sauce on the tray with a little hot water, put it in the pot to cook with electric noodle soup.

Step 4: How to cook chili or stir-fried chili

  • Soak 40 grams of chili powder in 20 ml of hot water, wait for the chili powder to bloom to drain.
  • Mince or puree lemongrass, chili and garlic (lemongrass 120gr, garlic 40g, fresh chili fruit 120gr). Put the cooking oil in the pan, a little more oil, put lemongrass and garlic bulbs in non-aromatic and until slightly yellow. Then lower the heat very small to avoid pouring all the chili powder that has hatched, the freshly ground chili fruit, stirring, do not slow down.
  • Finally, add 5 tablespoons of noodle soup with fish sauce, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and stir slightly. pay close attention to low fire.
  • Adding cashew water helps Hue beef vermicelli pot more fragrant and delicious.

Step 5: Demonstration of Hue beef noodle soup

  • The herbs were washed and placed in a bowl
  • Sliced ​​meat.
  • Noodles are briefly brought over boiled water and then drop the bowl, arrange meat, beef tendons, spring rolls, add a little herbs.
  • And add the broth and enjoy.
  • Only from 5 easy steps, you have created for yourself a standard Hue beef noodle dish to attract and retain many tourists.

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