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Long Bien Long Bien Garden is the virtual living coordinates with brand new chrysanthemum that people have just discovered. Having the opportunity to visit Hanoi on winter days, remember to visit here to take pictures, watch the flowers and enjoy the romantic scenery of the white lilies season. 

Locate coordinates of Long Bien Long Bien Garden

Another winter comes, bringing a dreamy sky with chrysanthemum white covering all alleys of Hanoi road. From the beginning of the flower season up to now, people have bombarded the Red River Stone Beach, Phuong Linh Flower Garden, Long Bien Flower Grassland, ... to live with this beautiful flower. 

Long Bien Garden is a large ecological area near Vinh Tuy bridge.

But recently, in the capital Hanoi continues to reveal a beautiful destination with white lashes. That is the Garden of Long Bien located at the end of Thach Cau Street, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District. Although the name of this destination has nothing to do with flowers, do you know that there are beautiful gardens of chrysanthemum like fairy tales. 

Popular photography location in Hanoi. Photo: Facebook Long Bien Long Bien Garden

To reach Long Bien Long Bien Garden to watch flowers and take photos, visitors can move in the direction of Vinh Tuy Bridge to the Northeast. Crossing the bridge, you turn left onto Long Bien - Xuan Quan Street. Finally, you turn to Thach Cau Street and run a little more to reach this hot garden. 

What's so attractive about Long Bien longan garden ecology? 

Perhaps the name Long Bien Garden makes it easy for tourists traveling to Hanoi and people in the region to think of a garden house specializing in growing longan. But dear, here besides the label, there is also a flower paradise with countless beautiful flowers, colorful colorful flowers. Although not as famous as Song Hong Stone Beach, the garden certainly does not disappoint when you first visit. 

Long Bien Garden has many virtual living corners in winter.

This ecological area is invested to develop as an outdoor studio, serving professional photography activities of both tourists, local residents and the need of wedding photography, artistic photography. When you first visit the garden, you will be amazed at the vast vast space, every corner is beautiful and the same quality. 

Fresh maple leaves inside Long Bien Long Bien Garden. 

In normal seasons of the year, Long Bien Garden is the weekend meeting place for young people and small families. This place with green garden space, large, suitable for tourists to have fun, organize a picnic and BBQ party, enjoy the peace and relaxation in the heart of Hanoi capital. 

Sunflower garden blooming golden. 

Few people know that in the heart of the crowded capital, there is a vast, green sky at all angles like that. Gardeners spend a very large area to grow longan - the famous fruit tree of our country. In particular, longan in the garden is a tall tree, large canopy, shading the garden. 

Pure white chrysanthemum garden.

Thousands of longan trees in Long Bien Garden ecological area are planted in line, creating a beautiful and fresh natural landscape. Beneath the longan roots are large, green grass. Any corner is also a green, pleasant cool sky, bringing relaxation for visitors to play or admire. 

Quynh Lien flower color sweet, fresh.

For a long time, the garden house has become a familiar wedding photography location for photographers in Hanoi. The picture of a peaceful, green countryside garden and warm rays of sunshine pass through each foliage, making the wedding photo set of couples more romantic and romantic. No need to go to the set, just stop here and the couples have the right photo set. 

Longan garden is a favorite destination for wedding photography.

Besides, Long Bien Long Bien Garden is also a meeting place for weekends, where groups of friends and companies choose to organize picnics and teambuilding. The ecological area is both fresh, green, and has party preparation, stage decoration and light speakers for visitors' activities. That is the reason that longan gardens are loved by residents in the area. 

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Virtual life coordinates can not ignore the chrysanthemum season

It can be said that Long Bien Garden Ecotourism is not a very famous name in tourist areas in Hanoi. However, that is the time before the chrysanthemum season begins. Because from the last days of November, people have discovered that there is also a garden of beautiful white lilies. 

This season, white chrysanthemums are blooming throughout the garden.

Compared with Red River Stone Beach or Phuong Linh Flower Garden, Long Bien Garden is not inferior to romantic scenery. It is even considered the most beautiful place to take pictures of the chrysanthemum in Hanoi . Because the area of ​​garden houses devoted to growing chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is very large, larger than many other flower gardens in Ha Thanh. 

This time when visiting the longan garden, most visitors are not interested in ... longan. Because everyone is also fascinated, drunk with a carpet of pure white flowers, covering every corner. White chrysanthemum in the garden is planted in a straight line, planned into beds for easy travel and photography.


The sweet beauty of white-lashes. Photo: Facebook Long Bien Long Bien Garden

Thanks to the very large flower growing area, from any angle, you can see a whole sky of white flowers blooming. At this time, the flowers are entering the most brilliant blooming stage. The beautiful little flower buds are gradually spreading their wings, creating a pure white flower paradise under the morning light. 

Can't take my eyes off the dreamy beauty of a vast and immense flower garden. 

In particular, the flower garden has a large campus, so it is easy to have many photo shoots for visitors. At this point, you will not need to worry about squeezing with others to "win the view". Because standing at any corner, you can hold up your camera and phone and capture your own romantic moments. 

Amazing virtual life coordinates with pure white lashes.

Under the warm sunshine of winter days, white chrysanthemums seem to fully show off their pristine beauty. The white petals are shy with bright yellow pistils as if they are smiling to welcome tourists from near and far to come here to enjoy flowers and take pictures. A dreamy sky in this chrysanthemum garden is waiting for you to visit, check in with countless fresh flowers. 

Every corner produces many beautiful, dreamy images. 

It can be said that at this time, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is the "queen" flower in Long Bien Long Bien Garden . Because most visitors here want to have beautiful photos in the garden dream. However, in addition to white lilies, gardeners have many other flowers also blooming every winter.

That is the bright yellow color of the sunflower, the fresh sulfur and the wild wild anemone. There is also the beautiful red color of the colorful roses, creating many impressive angles that make you unable to take your eyes off. In particular, the garden house also cleverly added more swings, beautiful landscapes, to meet the endless virtual living needs of visitors. 

Experience to explore Long Bien Long Bien Garden 

Long Bien Garden is not only a tourist area that only grows longan, but it is currently the coordinates to take pictures of the hot chrysanthemum in Hanoi. Only with the ticket price of 50,000 VND to the garden, you can bombard every corner, drop shooting with countless pure and pure white chrysanthemums. 

Ticket price to Long Bien Long Bien Garden is 50,000 VND / person. 

Like many other gardeners in Hanoi, the garden house has a full range of photographer and makeup services. You just need to prepare beautiful dresses with a youthful spirit and go to the garden, all stages of beauty and photography will have someone help you. It is easy for everyone to get a good shot of the chrysanthemum here. 

Just wear a pretty dress and come here to have a nice photo to bring. 

Currently, this garden house is considered to be the largest in Ha Thanh, so whether you come on a weekday or a weekend, you still have enough space to take pictures. However, if you want to enjoy more of this place, you should prioritize coming here on the early days and midweek. 

A photo service is available at the garden. 

And for the best photo shoot, the time that you should visit the garden is in the morning before 9:00. The warm, sweet sunshine at the beginning of the day is an important factor that makes your photo look more beautiful and more charismatic. In addition, the time after 3 pm to sunset is also a great suggestion to consider.

In terms of costumes, you can bring many dresses such as modern dresses or vintage dresses. For each outfit, you need to combine accessories such as a wide-brimmed hat, umbrella, hairpin, ... to have a more perfect set of photos. In addition, you can also buy additional white chrysanthemums to easily interact and pose.

November - December is the time when Hanoi capital is bustling with the dreamy beautiful white lashes season. In addition to the familiar flower gardens, you can visit Long Bien Long Bien Garden - a brand new place with large space, lots of great shooting angles, promising to bring wonderful virtual live photos. 


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