Not gold-covered dishes, these are the specialties you must try when traveling to Dubai

 Dubai cuisine is famous for the fusion of flavors from many countries and regions around the world, here you will have the opportunity to taste delicious local dishes.

Camel Meat Stuffed

One of the most luxurious and sophisticated dishes of the people of Dubai is camels stuffed with meat.

The main ingredient of this delicacy is a fish, a chicken, lamb and camel. Dubai chef will stuff fish into a chicken, stuff the chicken into the belly of the sheep and put the sheep into the camel then add flavoring, spices, mushrooms, rice…. The camel will then be carried over to a tunnel of hot embers and grilled to fragrant flavors.

If you travel to Dubai with family and friends, you can also join the culinary parties with the people here. This special meat-stuffed camel is sure to be found nowhere outside Dubai.


Palm fruit

One of the most popular local foods in Dubai, are the Date - also known as dates.

The date is very tasty and sweet. The people of Dubai still believe that enjoying this "date" fruit will increase the taste of love and fullness for the man.

In Dubai on vegetarian days, Muslims often bring home this fruit so they can sit and sip and relax by a cup of coffee.

This specialty fruit is sold almost everywhere in the tourist city of Dubai, you can walk in small markets or large shopping centers to find the most delicious Date fruits. You can choose to buy dried or fresh fruit, or dried fruit sandwiched with nuts as a gift for family and relatives. 


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Fried Shawarma

Traveling to Dubai and strolling the old streets of Dubai, it is not difficult to find street food in Dubai - fried shawarma. 

Shawarma comes from Pakistan, possesses a unique and delicious taste. This is a chicken dish curled up like a spring roll and then fried in hot oil with pickled vegetables, curry, mayonnaise - a dish with traditional Dubai flavor. 

The spicy and delicious flavor of the typical Islamic spice is sure to make the crispy Shawarma pieces that will make visitors remember forever.



When it comes to dishes made from rice and meat, Quozi is a must-see when you come to Dubai.

Quozi consists of slow-cooked lamb, with roasted nuts and raisins served with rice. This dish is very popular across the Arabian Gulf, however there are many different ways of cooking in different countries. In Dubai, Quozi is wrapped in date leaves before being placed in the oven. When enjoying you will feel the taste of the dish preserved in the date leaves, this delicious Dubai dish will not disappoint you.

Tourists traveling to Dubai can look to the Kabab Erbil Iraqi and Babylon restaurant to enjoy this attractive dish.


Al Machboos

Al Machboos is one of the top famous dishes in Dubai cuisine.

The taste of visitors will definitely be awakened strongly with Dubai specialties, extremely harmonious combination of many typical spices with rice, dried lemon, salt, meat ... 

Many visitors, especially the gourmet, love the combination of Al Machboos with salad and raita yogurt, creating a distinctive flavor that is extremely seductive. You will not be able to find this flavor anywhere else in the world.



Marak samak

Marak samak is known as a traditional dish of the people of Dubai and is often used during lunch. In addition to the main ingredient is fish, to create this dish, people also use a lot of other typical ingredients and spices such as onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, Ghee butter, black pepper, cinnamon ... Along with It is an extremely unique and sophisticated recipe.

You can enjoy this Marak samak with basmati rice and a plate of fresh green vegetables.



Luqaimat is one of the most popular dessert specialties of the people of Dubai. Luquaimat Bubai cake is made from flour, butter, milk, sugar, and saffron powder when fried with attractive yellow color. Depending on the recipe of each creator, each cake brings a different experience of ductility, deliciousness, and greasiness. After it's done, take the cake out to drain the oil and add a little date palm syrup to the top.

Enjoying Luquaimat cake is when you eat a crust, fragrant cake, very soft, bite immediately into your mouth, especially the harmonious blend of ingredients, bringing an unforgettable feeling.

At first glance, Luqaimat is very similar to Vietnamese donuts and visitors can easily find this signature donut in every street in Dubai at a very soft price.

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