Singapore travel experience: Under a rule of thumb to avoid big trouble

 Singapore tourism experience only needs to remember one thing: a lot of rules seem simple, but if you accidentally step on it can be enough to bring big trouble for you.

Singapore is known as a country with many immigrants from many different countries. Because of the diversity from many cultures, Singapore has chosen 4 languages ​​to use at the same time: English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Due to its wide variety of cultures, Singapore has codes of conduct when  experiencing Singapore  that may not be familiar in many places. For example, unintentionally getting on the subway carrying drinks can be fined up to S $ 500 (equivalent to more than 8 million VND) if accidentally discovered. 

Singapore tourism should take note of the forbidden rules of conduct. 

Travel experience Singapore: How strict are the rules of conduct?

Actually, this also depends on each place, and especially for foreign tourists, it is more imitated than local people. However, there will be strict penalties for illegal acts.

Travel experience in Singapore , you will be fined up to 10,000 USD if found to steal other people's wifi, according to the National Computer Network Safety Act of this country. The Singapore government takes data security breaches very seriously. Connecting to the Wifi of an individual or company without permission is considered a data attack, is a punishable offense. Depending on the level and purpose of your use when using wifi, the penalties will vary, the heaviest can be both a fine and a detention of several months to three years.

It seems that many people know that flushing cigarette butts, spitting gum indiscriminately will make you in trouble. Also note some other behaviors that may be penalized when  traveling to Singapore  such as:
- Feeding pigeons
- Flying a kite in public
- Not draining public toilets
- Walking across the street
- Smoking outside the designated area
- Spitting in public
- Using pirated DVDs
- Caught watching perverse content
- Using e-cigarettes
- Not using dental gum
- No grief private onto public transport
- Nude indoors

Some regulations and codes of conduct in public have caused heated controversies because some people think they are irrational, in fact some have not been implemented. Homosexuality is still illegal in Singapore. According to local law, if you travel to Singapore with narcotic substances in your blood level, it is equivalent to bringing banned substances into the country. You are still sentenced to prison regardless of whether you use drugs in Singapore or not. 

Nothing to eat or drink on public transport

Travel experience in Singapore,  visitors will find the MRT is extremely clean because all eating and drinking behavior is completely prohibited. This rule is extremely strict and is monitored by 24/7 cameras and security guards at the gate posts. Remember, don't eat or drink anything while on the MRT, even if it's just snacks, or chewing gum. 

Durian is completely banned on public transport. 

Singapore is extremely strict with cigarettes

Unlike other Southeast Asian countries where cigarette prices are extremely cheap and demand is high, smokers in Singapore are subject to strict regulations. Singapore's Ministry of Health announced that from February 1, 2018, it is illegal to buy, sell, use and own tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, hookahs and chewing tobacco in Singapore.

Under the new law, violators will be fined up to SGD 2,000 (about 34 million VND) while previously a fine of SGD 2,000 was only used to fine people importing, selling and distributing banned tobacco products. The law states that smokers outside of a designated area or littering cigarette ash indiscriminately incur severe fines in Singapore if caught by police. 

Smokers have a private room area, smoking is completely prohibited in public places. 

Singapore does not have a tax-free subsidy for any cigarette quantity brought into the country. This surprised many visitors. According to Singapore government regulations, tourists entering Singapore are only allowed to bring 1 pack of cigarettes and there are two types of cigarettes banned from bringing into Singapore. foil with prefix E printed on the envelope. The cigarettes permitted to be brought into Singapore must have the word "SDPC" which stands for Singapore Duty-Paid Cigarette (taxed cigarettes).

If you want to smoke cigarettes, you can buy them at the Singapore airport or pharmacies in Singapore, but the price of cigarettes in Singapore is extremely expensive. The cigarettes sold widely in Thailand, Vietnam or Myanmar at low prices are not allowed into Singapore. Chewing tobacco, shisha, and e-cigarettes are also not allowed into Singapore.


Singapore travel experience on bringing alcohol 

Visitors are exempt from tax on 3 liters of alcohol in one of three ways:

  • 1 liter of spirits, 1 liter of wine, and 1 liter of beer
  • 2 liters of wine, 1 liter of beer
  • 1 liter of wine, 2 liters of beer

But note: you must be at least 18 years old, have been at least 48 hours outside Singapore, and not be from Malaysia. The final rule often penalizes many visitors. If you are traveling to Singapore with more than one bottle of spirits, you will need to go through the Red Channel (lane with inventory) and pay a very high tax fee.

Alcoholic beverages are strictly regulated when transported into Singapore. 

Singapore Travel Experience: How to Avoid Trouble at Customs

If you arrive at Changi airport and have a bag full of unauthorized items then don't panic, there is a solution for you.

In principle, you will not be considered breaking the law until you have passed through customs. If you have not removed any items, you can choose to go through the Red Channel at customs and declare what you are carrying. Although this idea frightens tourists, the staff simply confiscated the unacceptable items.

If you choose Green Channel with contraband, be prepared for lots of trouble and end up with a very high fine. The Singapore Customs website will have the latest update on the list of goods restricted and permitted to be brought into Singapore.

Are chewing gum really banned in Singapore?

Singapore  officially imposed a ban on chewing gum as well as selling candies in the 1990s with the aim of cleaning streets. Initially this decree was interested in the international press and cost them a lot of ink. However, in 2004, the island nation loosened the rules when it officially signed the Singapore-US free trade agreement.

Therapeutic chewing gum is fully approved for use in Singapore. 

The fact is that eating chewing gum is not prohibited, but it is completely illegal to trade or possess chewing gum from abroad. The sale and use of chewing gum with health benefits such as dental chewing gum, nicotine gum for smoking cessation and sugar-free gum is allowed. Therapeutic gum must be purchased from a dentist or pharmacist, and a prescription is required

Extraction of gum residues in public places means indiscriminate littering will be punished if found. 

Singapore's Drug Act

Singapore's drug law is very strict, even by standards of Southeast Asia in general, is already very strict. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte won the title of handling drug crimes from Singapore with the deadly drug war in 2016.

Crime of drug smuggling in Singapore forced to receive the death penalty. 

Crime of drug smuggling in Singapore forced to receive the death penalty. Although rare, the police always have the right to request random drug testing of tourists. If your test results positive for a controlled substance, you could be jailed and fined whether or not you take the drug in Singapore.

There is a Vietnamese Australian being executed in Singapore for bringing drugs into the country. Drugs are something you must know when traveling to Singapore that absolutely cannot be brought in unless you are just "buying a one way ticket".

Pornography is illegal in Singapore

Like many other countries in Southeast Asia, pornography of any type of electronic media or print is illegal in Singapore.

Singapore has strict laws to restrict digital piracy and pornography. 

Although anti-porn laws are common, actual enforcement can be a cause of privacy concerns. Authorities can seize and copy your smartphone or hard drive at any time and search for your camera and any other form of electronic storage. The temporary files in the internet browser's cache may contain what is still considered pornography.

Avoid bringing magazines with 18+ covers (for example, some magazines for men, swimsuit models ...). In addition, video game content containing erotic images is also prohibited. 

As a side note, Singapore has strict laws to limit digital piracy. Even if your hard drive does not contain pornography, you may still be charged for "illegal" copies of movies or music unless you prove ownership.


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