Suddenly famous: 'Ghost Village' in Dubai became a tourist attraction

 Right next to Dubai (UAE), there is a small abandoned village that has suddenly become famous and become an attractive destination, which is the village of Al Madam.

I think, who can pay attention to and remember the special features and impressions of each stop, that person is a delicate stray; And those who just like to move to the land with few people visit, they are the brave and brave. If you are a delicacy, the beautiful paintings and waterfalls out there are all the destination for you, but if you like the ceiling and bravery, there is probably no more perfect choice than the village of Al Madam. - Mysterious abandoned village in Dubai .

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Explore the village of Al Madam - a mysterious abandoned village in Dubai

Where is Al Madam village located?

Dubai is often known for the image of skyscrapers, BMW lanes, and Mercedes, and a lot of luxury services just for the rich. However, for those who are interested in finding hidden corners of this rich city, less than an hour's drive from the city, within the border of the emirate of Sharjah (in the UAE) has a point. to the very mysterious, it is the village of Al Madam 

Al Madam village is less than an hour drive from Dubai. 

The village is neatly planned with two blocks of houses and an elegant church. What makes this place so attractive to tourists, especially those who love to explore, is that the village is mysteriously abandoned. 


Theories surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the village

Currently, the reason the village of Al Madam was abandoned is still a secret. However, after the villagers hastily left and many stories are woven around the village mysteriously abandoned.

The village of Al madam was mysteriously abandoned. 

When visiting the mysterious village of Al Madam , you will see abandoned houses with open windows and doors. Some homes don't even have doors. Many believe that this is a sign of the villagers leaving in a hurry and something seems to scare them off. 

The most widely communicated theory by Dubai tourists is that: Al Madam is a "ghost village". Residents of nearby villages believe the village is haunted by Umm Duwais, a female spirit with cat eyes and a machete in hand.

In fact, however, in 2018, the Sharjah Art Foundation conducted a community consultation to understand the history of the village of Al Madam.

During this consultation, a man who lived in the village said that the village of Al Madam was built in the mid-1970s. The departure of villagers was because the place was heavily affected by heavy sandstorms. habitable. Many houses here have been almost buried by sand. Given the sandstorm situation in this area, the possibility of houses disappearing under the sand is likely to happen soon. 

Many houses in Al madam village have been almost buried by sand. 

Another explanation comes from Yasser Elsheshtawy, professor of architecture at Columbia University, who started researching UAE housing in the late 1960s. He said this is a government project to provide housing for Bedouin nomadic community: "The government wants to create a country where people live in cities and settlements, not Bedouins who roam the desert". However, up to now, the mystery of Al Madam village is still a challenge for scientific researchers.


Why is Al Madam village abandoned but still attracting customers?

On Reddit, a world-famous forum, people are tumultuous and excited to leave tips about taking trips to the village of Al Madam. On YouTube, many people post videos of their adventures coming here. The tourism companies soon recognized the village of Al Madam as a "bargain". Therefore, they also quickly promote the tours here to serve tourists in need.

Although the village of Al Madam is not a popular destination with all Dubai tourists . But it gradually becomes a favorite place for those who love to explore strange and mysterious things. 

To reach the village of Al Madam , you have to go through a small sandy road to enter the desert. Since you are not fully exploited as a tourist destination, you will have to travel here on your own instead of using public transport. For safety, tourists can choose to rent a taxi for about 80 USD (equivalent to 1,800,000 VND) if traveling from the center of Dubai.

To reach the village of Al Madam, you have to go through a small sandy road to enter the desert. 

It can be said that Al Madam village is a bright star in the tourist village when suddenly so famous and known to many people. However, genuine tourists hope people do not flock here because the village will lose its inherent beauty when it is filled with so many people.

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