Synthesize experiences to Tram Tau Yen Bai (Vietnam) from devotees

Tram Tau tourism in the form of traveling and experience is becoming a new movement trend of young people. This place with unspoiled natural scenery, attractive cuisine, promises to bring you an eternal trip. 

Where is Tram Tau? 

Tram Tau is a highland district of Yen Bai province, located more than 100 km from the city center. Although it is known as a remote area, this place still becomes an attractive destination for tourists near and far. With a wild natural landscape of mountains and forests, this is really a land for those who love to explore. 

Tram Tau is a famous upland district of Yen Bai.

According to experience going to Tram Tau , there are many means for you to reach Tram Tau, but the ideal is still a motorbike. From Hanoi, you can travel Tram Tau along the Thang Long boulevard, through Highway 21 to Son Tay. After that, you continue to go through Khe Pass, to Van Chan district, then turn on Nghia Lo route to reach the peaceful and beautiful Tram Tau mountains. 

Tram Tau district is more than 100 km from the city center.

Owning high mountainous terrain, the climate here is always cool and pleasant. However, the best time to explore the beauty of this place is in the fall and the year-end season. In the period of September - October, visitors can experience mineral springs and beautiful views of golden rice fields. 

The best time to visit Tram Tau is autumn and winter. 

As for the winter days, according to experience going to Tram Tau , this place is "a paradise for cloud hunting" with a famous destination called Ta Xua. This is one of the most favorite destinations in Tram Tau for young people because of its dreamy beauty, like a fairyland. Having the opportunity to visit Yen Bai in the year-end season, you must definitely check in this beautiful upland district once.

Where to stay when traveling Tram Tau

Although located hundreds of kilometers from the city center, Tram Tau tourism has developed quite strongly in recent years That's why when you travel here, you don't have to worry about your accommodation. Depending on your vacation schedule, you have flexibility to choose some of the following accommodations and homestays.

Homestay Cau Treo: Located right in Quarter 1, Tram Tau town, this homestay is quite convenient for you to visit famous places in the region. The homestay is designed as a large wooden building, with many double rooms and community rooms with balconies overlooking the cool, relaxing garden.


Resting in the homestay Hot spring ecological area is also a good suggestion. Photo: nguyenthuthaoo

Tram Tau Hot Spring Homestay: This is a homestay located inside the Hot Spring campus in area 5, Tram Tau town. It owns a fresh natural picture with forests, meadows and especially hot mineral springs available for visitors to relax, soak in the warm water.

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Attractive destinations not to be missed

"Heaven hunting clouds" named Ta Xua

During your trip to Yen Bai, you must definitely take the time to climb Ta Xua peak and immerse yourself in the picturesque sea of ​​white clouds. This is one of the 10 highest mountain peaks in Vietnam, located in Ban Cong commune. For those who are passionate about moving and experiencing, this mountain peak becomes a target that cannot be ignored.

Ta Xua - a cloud hunting paradise in the North. 

Ta Xua has a height of up to 2865 meters, really challenging for mountain climbers. Journey through the forest, crossing streams to set foot on this high mountain is never easy. You have to take turns going through bumpy slopes, rocky soil, dense forest. In the rainy season, the road is slippery. In the hot season, it is extremely sunny. 

But also on that arduous road, you will admire the beautiful natural picture of Yen Bai to see that your trip to Tram Tau is worth it. With a height of nearly 3000 meters and a mountain road length of more than 30 km, Ta Xua has a clearly stratified vegetation cover with all kinds of forests. 

 At the foot of the mountain, you will take turns crossing the dirt slopes, passing through dense forests and broadleaf dwarf bamboo forest. The natural picture in Ta Xua is still very untouched, you can hear birds and insects echoing in the forest during the trekking journey. 


Sea of ​​white clouds floating around. 

The most wonderful thing is to set foot on the dinosaur's spine with the sides of the abyss, majestic but also full of adventure. According to the experience of going to Tram Tau , in the process of getting to the top of Ta Xua to hunt for clouds, you also have to go to the old forest with countless azaleas and thousands of ancient trees clinging to green moss. No matter what angle you stand from, you can take many amazing commemorative photos. 

Overcoming all the hardships of the mountains and forests, you will reach the top of Ta Xua, immersed in the sea of ​​white clouds spread around the mountain top. In winter, clouds are denser, forming layers that look like soap bubbles. According to experience going to Tram Tau , the best time to hunt for clouds is early in the morning, when the sun has not woken up. 

Dreamy picture on top of Ta Lead Nhut 

Not only Ta Xua but Yen Bai is also a cloud hunting paradise called Ta Lead Nhu. Anyone traveling to Tram Tau wants to once set foot on this mountain, enjoy the enchanting and mesmerizing beauty of floating white clouds, pure and pristine natural landscape. 

Ta Lead Nhu - a destination not to be missed when traveling to Tram Tau. Photo: lmsmig29

Ta Lead Nhu is 2979 meters high, possesses a complex terrain with steep cliffs, steep and meandering hills, few trees and many gravel roads. This mountain peak is really a big challenge for travelers and young people who are passionate about climbing. Because summer or winter, the mountain climbing journey also contains many difficulties.

According to the experience  of many travelers to Yen Bai , from October to March is the right time to climb the mountain because the weather is relatively cool. This season is also ideal for you to hunt clouds, enjoy beautiful views on the mountain climbing. For a smooth journey, it's best to hire a guide poster instead of going on your own. 

Supply lines trekking're just like in Tram Tau will turn takes you through the slopes strewn soil, the native forests dark green, bamboo forest dwarf as beautiful as movie swordplay and all the trees canopied low with all many blooming flowers. In the autumn from August to September, atop Ta Lead Nhut, there are carpet of purple plum blossoms, beautiful like a fairy painting. 

Basically, the journey to climb Ta Chinh Nhu is just as difficult and strenuous as Ta Xua. And so the beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain will be a worthy reward for the hardships you have overcome. This beautiful mountain peak opens up an impressive picture, like a place with white clouds floating around the top of the mountain. 

According to the experience of going to Tram Tau , in the early winter mornings, you will see white clouds almost standing still. Sometimes the clouds are so dense that all the high mountains are covered. Space only remains a clear blue sky and pure white "ocean of clouds" in front of you. On the top of the mountain, you can enjoy sightseeing, taking photos or camping overnight, experiencing a memorable Tram Tau tour.

Hot spring bath

If you do not know what to play in Yen Bai , hot spring bath is an activity that you should try. Tram Tau Hot Spring Tourist Area is about 2 km from the town. This place has a large space and beautiful scenery, direct views of the terraced fields and mountains of Yen Bai immense forest. 

Tram Tau hot spring eco-zone offers wonderful moments of relaxation. Photo: vietnam.travel_

This hot spring ecoregion is 100% natural, is a clean and healthy underground spring. The hot lake is not too big, but the blue water looks like a pearl in the mountains. Coming here, you can enjoy immersing yourself in the warm water, enjoying the most relaxing moments. 

It has natural hot springs, good for health. 

In particular, the campus of Tram Tau mineral spring ecological area is full of homestay, bungalow for visitors to stay. Depending on the number of people you choose a double room or a dormitory to stay. With the typical wooden house design of the Northern mountainous provinces, visitors will experience an interesting resting space. 

You can choose to stay here.

In addition, inside this destination, there is a restaurant area, serving delicious and specialties of Yen Bai cuisine. If you have a long time for Tram Tau travel, take a rest here for 1-2 days to breathe the fresh air, take virtual live pictures with countless beautiful check-in corners inside the mineral springs.

Cu Vai village was engulfed in clouds  

Experience of going to Tram Tau , you must definitely not miss Cu Vai village - a H'mong village located in Xa Ho commune with the peaceful natural space characteristic of the Northern mountains and hills. Visiting Cu Vai, you will admire the beautiful landscape of the highlands with stilt houses, terraced fields and colorful flower gardens. 

This village currently has about 50 households living, preserving the traditional lifestyle and customs of the H'mong ethnic group. Visiting Cu Vai, visitors have the opportunity to explore the beauty of a small village with rustic wooden houses, trails leading to all alleys. Thanks to being located on the top of a high mountain, the climate in the village is always cool and comfortable.

The small village is located on the top of the high mountain. 

Cu Vai village is covered all year round by a white mist, so the scenery is always poetic and dreamy. Coming here, the best thing is to get up early to admire the scenery in the mist, walk around the village, meet the gentle and friendly locals. Currently, Cu Vai also has a few families working as a homestay, where you can stay overnight.

What to eat at Tram Tau Yen Bai 

Experience in Tram Tau , in addition to exploring Ta Xua, Ta Chu Nhi, Cu Vai village, ... visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious specialties of Yen Bai province. How can you ignore the delicious, beautiful five-color sticky rice dish? How can you ignore Nam Thia snakehead fish, red rice fish sauce?

Sticky five colors are specialties of the northern mountainous provinces. 

In addition, in Tram Tau, there are many other attractive dishes that you should try such as giant vegetables, stream moss, shrimp shrimp, ... with the taste of Northern mountainous cuisine. The dishes are made from fresh ingredients, with delicious taste, will surely leave you with many unforgettable memories. 

You can buy snow flakes as a gift. Photo: lophoctructuyenmienphi

To buy specialties as gifts, you can choose to buy chili bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, hawk cakes, shan tea, Tu Le sticky rice, ... All are typical delicacies of Yen Bai province, hard to find. found elsewhere. The gifts may not be too expensive but contain wonderful beauty in Yen Bai's cuisine. 

Chili shoot is also a specialty of Tram Tau. 

Today, Tau Yen Bai station becomes an attractive destination for tourists from far and near thanks to the beautiful natural scenery, many interesting experiences, diverse cuisine and gentle and friendly people. Once you have a chance to return to Yen Bai, you remember once going to Tram Tau to hunt clouds and enjoy the peaceful rhythm of life here. 


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