The best experiences in Phu Quy (Vietnam)that the sister association preparing to travel cannot be ignored

 Phu Quy Island, a small island in Binh Thuan province, is famous for its beaches, coral reefs, black rock clusters and colorful rock undulating in the sea. It can be said that Phu Quy deserves to be one of the most beautiful islands - beaches that you should visit once in your life. Read all of these experiences in Phu Quy to see what is playing in this place and everyone is "captured" by that!

Watching sunset at Trieu Duong beach

Bai Trieu Duong is one of the areas in Tam Thanh commune, Phu Quy district, Binh Thuan province. It is only about 1 km from Phu Quy island. Coming to Trieu Duong beach, you will have a wonderful view of the stretching white sand, shady coconut trees, along with the opposite Hoa Son painting, all creating a wild picture, poetic but extremely wonderful. 

Coming to Trieu Duong beach, you will have a wonderful view of the stretching white sand, lined with coconut trees. 

The best time to book Trieu Duong beach is in the afternoon. You can immerse yourself in the cool blue ocean waves with gentle waves, extremely relaxing and comfortable. In particular, you can take a walk on the long, straight white sand, it will make you dispel all tiredness and sorrow in life.

One of the things that leaves a special impression on visitors is to watch the sunset on Trieu Duong beach . When sunset falls, the image of Phu Quy fishing village is sketched up to create a very beautiful picture of a peaceful and peaceful life here.


Beautiful sunset at Trieu Duong beach. 

Discovering the lives of the people in the island region is a very interesting experience in Phu Quy for you. You can completely spread the net with them, drop the fishing line, pull up the net, remove the squid fish that are still fresh, enjoy the taste of the sea.

"Virtual life" at the slope

Doc Pheo - Phu Quy is a road at April 27, Tam Thanh Commune, Phu Quy District, Binh Thuan Province. This is a road close to the sea, close to the shooting range of the border guards. So passing you will see one side is the sea, the other side is the mountain and there is a wild casuarina forest. 

It is difficult to find a place where "Son water is charming" such as slope pheo, where people who love to travel often prefer to stop here for a little longer to see the scenery.

The road is winding along the strait of sea and mountain, and the slope is not too high, so you can walk slowly while watching the surrounding scenery. The road is not too wide, you can feel the sea and mountains close together. This experience in Phu Quy makes you feel like reaching out your hand to reach the sea, touch the mountain.

One side is the endless blue sea, the other is the casuarina forest stretching short. The air here is extremely cool, you can stop and take a deep breath, take a full breath into your chest. "Peaceful place for dreamers" is the saying that the adventurers often say when they stop here.

In Phu Quy slope you will find a lot of shooting angles like that. Being able to stand in the middle of the road to see the panoramic views of the mountains and sea, you can rest assured that there is not much traffic here. Stand on the cliff to capture the clear blue sea, go to the green grass to immerse yourself in nature, or you can look up at the casuarina swaying in the wind.

Climbing Cao Cat - Visiting Linh Son Pagoda Phu Quy 

Cao Cat Mountain is a great check-in place in Phu Quy that young people are "hunting for" because it offers beautiful movies just like the West. Located at an altitude of 106 meters above sea level, in the North of the island, the mountain possesses steep cliffs, lush green vegetation that makes the scene so majestic.

Cao Cat Mountain is a great check-in spot in Phu Quy.

At the top of this mountain, there is also a famous sacred pagoda, the ancient Linh Son pagoda lying "precariously" on the veranda of the cloudy mountains. There is also a statue of Buddha Quan Am standing majestically looking down immense below, watching the peaceful island.

The rocks that have been weathered and eroded have a very unique shape, with a swirl of layers that are like giant mushrooms. Sitting on these rocks and checking in, you will have "super virtual" pictures that are sure to attract thousands of interest for this picture and surely this will also be an interesting experience in Phu Quy .

From the top of Cao Cat mountain, we can see the scenery of Phu Quy island collapsed into sight. In the distance are boats anchored in the harbor, the vast green forests, the vast sky and the life of the coastal villages, ... All converging to form a beautiful picture, making The person standing on the top of this mountain seems to want to embrace the whole scenery here.

The summit of Cao Cat is also an ideal place to watch the sunrise or sunset. The moment of heaven and earth reconciling is very beautiful, bringing a dreamlike and enchanting look. The clouds seemed to be burned red by the end of the day rays of the day. The far side is the sea surface sparkling with sunlight, the boat pulls each other back to the harbor.

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Explore Little Beach - Ganh Hang

Located under a hill not far from the district center, Bai Nho - Ganh Hang possesses clear turquoise water and pure white sand. And the next experience in Phu Quy is that you can admire the beautiful coral reefs just below this clear water. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quy , Binh Thuan.

Bai Nho - Ganh Hang possesses clear blue water. 

And by a certain "miracle", large cliffs standing up close to the sea through the waves that hit gradually create a depression in the sea - a unique scene rare in other beaches and popular by many. interestingly called it "saltwater swimming pool".

That accident made Bai Nho - Ganh Hang an ideal "virtual living" place for many young people across the region. Enjoy the cool fresh water and enjoy checking in the unique swimming pool, what is better!

In addition, Ganh Hang also has old and small abandoned dams, which are also an ideal shooting location. In the past, people used to raise squid here, until now these dams are no longer in use and become a "check in specialty" of Ganh Hang.

The most ideal time for you to experience in Phu Quy is in June, when the weather here is extremely beautiful combined with beautiful sunshine, blue sea will give you a better experience than ever.

Check in at the wind fan field of Phong Dien

One more experience in Phu Quy can not help but go there is the Phong Dien wind farm located on Phu Quy island, Binh Thuan province. The original purpose was to generate electricity to serve the people on the island, but then gradually became a "sad god" check-in place of tourists.

Currently on the island there are a total of 3 wind blowers, with a height of 60m, and a length of 37m. From the lighthouse and the top of the mountain at Linh Son Pagoda, you can easily see these giant wind blowers spinning in the wind. But you should come here to visit once because the path leading to these turbines is very beautiful, one side is the sea, the other is rows of cool blue. 

Admire the whale skeleton at Van Thuy Tu Palace

Located on Ngu Ong street, Duc Thang ward of Phan Thiet city , Van Thuy Tu Dinh is a place to worship Nam Hai god - Ca Ong according to the beliefs of the people of the sea. According to the beliefs of the Phan Thiet people in particular and the Vietnamese people in general, the Ong fish is a water god who often helps them avoid storms. Therefore, Ca Ong is very revered and revered by the fishermen.

Up to now, Dinh Van Thuy Tu has more than 100 whale skeletons and many other species in the same family, including those that are more than 100 years old. In particular, an extremely large skeleton of a gray back whale is still kept in the Palace with a living weight of about 65 tons, currently recognized as the largest whale skeleton in Southeast Asia. 

It can be said that Dinh Van Thuy Tu is quite an important destination in any tourist discovery journey in Phan Thiet In terms of architectural value, the Palace of Van Thuy Tu follows the four-pillar architecture, with the main shrine Ca Ong, Tien Hien church, Vo Ca house, the main face of the Palace facing the East.

"Three-door gate" is an indispensable part of the architecture of temples, pagodas and tombs in Phan Thiet because the three-door gate has a profound meaning in feng-shui. Therefore, the four-pillar architecture of the Palace Van Thuy Tu Phan Thiet also follows the culture of the Vietnamese people.

Tourists travel to Phu Quy not only because of the wild nature, beautiful scenery but also because the people here are honest, honest, simple and peaceful life. Like the feeling of running across the island district without meeting any traffic lights, making people think they are returning to the old days, when life was not as noisy and hasty as today. Therefore, the above experiences in Phu Quy are worth a try, helping you find the values ​​of life.

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