The culinary paradise of Phuket

Phuket is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand, not only attracting tourists by the wild and poetic natural landscape, it also has a unique and diverse culinary world that is hard to resist. 

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Features of Phuket cuisine

From street restaurants to flea markets, from luxury to popular Phuket eateries, anywhere will bring you delicious delicious dishes. But Phuket's cuisine is so diverse, only staying a few days what should you eat the best? This article introduces you to 5 top notch dishes that you can never forget to eat once. 

Phuket cuisine has its own characteristics.

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Geng Som is for people who love spicy food

Geng Som is a Thai-style sour soup with a special pungent flavor, also known as "the dish for the brave". The main ingredients of the dish include fish, freshly caught shrimp of the day, tamarind juice, saffron juice and aromas to create a distinctive aroma and pungent flavor. 
Geng Som is a sour Thai soup. 
Snakehead fish, peeled shrimp, vegetables served, depending on the restaurant, there will be different options, some places choose cauliflower, radish, some choose cabbage. The broth has a natural sweet aroma, mingled with the sour and sour taste of tamarind, making diners just hear the scent they want to eat right away. Turmeric color gives dish a beautiful bright yellow color, and other flavors help create a warm pungent charm. 
Sour soup with spicy Thai style. 


The Pla Tom Taochiew offers a frugal taste

Pla Tom Taochiew is a fish soup cooked with fermented soybeans. Fish choose the best meat, peel off the bones, cook with soybeans and simmered from vegetables, sweet and natural. The dish does not have too many colors like the inherent Phuket culinary identity , but is quite famous and loved by many people. The dish has a sour taste, not spicy, the fatty taste of fish and soybeans blended together, the flavor is also healthy herbs, with a pleasant faint aroma. To Phuket, do not miss this dish. 
Pla Tom Taochiew is a fish soup cooked with fermented soybeans. 


Massaman curry 

Thailand is a paradise of attractive curry dishes, including Massaman curry - a famous dish chosen by many diners when traveling to Phuket. Massaman curry is cooked from coconut milk, lemon juice, lime leaves, basil, chili and other spices. When enjoying, you can feel the sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk, a little natural sour taste from lemon juice, the faint scent of other spices. The surface of the dish is still sprinkled with peanuts, if you do not eat spicy, you can tell the kitchen so people do not put too much chili. 
Massaman curry. Photo: wiki-travel

Mee Hokkien - Mixed fried noodles that help diners feel full

Mee Hokkien Mixed Fried Noodles originated from Fujian, China, The main ingredients of the dish include noodles - yellow type, thick thread, shrimp, pork, squid, egg and bean sprouts. The dish is processed not too picky, peeled shrimp, pre-cooked, squid cleans, pork is seasoned with aroma, then stir-fried with the price and noodles have blanched in hot water. Mee Hokkien is simple but nutritious, can keep you full after a long day out. 
Mixed fried noodles Mee Hokkien. Photo: wiki-travel


Homok fish curry 

Thailand has many curry dishes but want to enjoy the Homok fish curry, you have to go all the way to Phuket. Homok fish are caught from the green waters of Phuket Island, choose medium-sized, meaty ones to clean, wrap in banana leaves, steam with cha-ploo leaves. The dish has a fairly strong flavor, and has a slightly fishy smell. The dish can be served with rice or hot bread. 
Homok fish curry. Photo: wiki-travel


Delicious place to eat in Phuket

Visitors can go to Number One Seafood - a delicious place to eat in Phuket for backpackers. This restaurant is located on Soi Happy Bangla Road, a diverse menu with very affordable prices. The most attractive and unique dishes are available in this place. 
At No. 7 of Prabaramee Road, Kalim Beach has Lim's Restaurant - a restaurant for those who want to eat in a luxurious space. The shop has a unique Thai architectural space. There are traditional Thai dishes here and also some famous Vietnamese dishes. 
Phuket cuisine is delicious and attractive. Photo: wiki-travel

Want to enjoy local specialties, you can go to Kan Eang @Pier - the restaurant in Cha Long Bay. This place serves fresh seafood dishes at very cheap prices, suitable for backpackers. 
If you want to find a long-standing dining address, you can go to Raya House - located on New Dibuk Road, Phuket town. Here you can enjoy tofu dishes and many other dishes made from coconut milk. 

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