Tohoku travel in the snowy season do not miss these interesting activities

 Participating in the snow lantern festival, watching the snow blossoms ... are an experience not to be missed if you travel to Tohoku in winter, a land with a long history and hidden many interesting nature . 

From December of the previous year to the end of March of the following year, the northernmost region of Japan was bustling again by the flow of people flocking to Tohoku tourism , a gem that remains untouched. Check out 4 ways to enjoy the best snow season of the year in the Tohoku region below so that your trip will be an unforgettable memory. 


Winter Tohoku is an attractive place for tourists from all over the world to enjoy. Source: Gosingtian

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Tohoku Travel - explore the picturesque snow season

The best time to travel to Tohoku

Although all seasons of the year Tohoku are excellently beautiful, from the brilliant spring blossoms to the picturesque coldness of winter, Tohoku travel at a time of snow is still the choice of the majority of believers travel.

December to March is the best time to travel to Tohoku. Source: All about Japan

The time from December of the previous year to the end of March of the following year is the time when the snow falls the most and it is also the time when Tohoku wears the pure white shirt of the ice and snow.

Any moving fanatic wants to come to Tohoku in the snow-covered season once in their life. 

Just do a quick google search and you can envision Tohoku's inspirational scenery as it is covered in a thick layer of snow, just like pictures on travel postcards. 

Tohoku entered the period of snow covered beauty like a picture. Source: Wendy Tour

Traveling to Tohoku in winter is completely different from other parts of the world. It is the wake of the "snow monsters" and the delicate charm of frozen cherry blossom trees. So what are you waiting for without arranging a Tohoku region tour in December! 

Enjoy Japan's best grilled oyster in Tohoku

Winter is the peak season to catch oysters in Japan and enjoy them! If you are an ardent fan of this special saltwater mollusk, visit Miyagi prefecture on a Tohoku tour to visit the oyster huts while enjoying the best grilled oysters in the land of mourning. 

The oyster in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region is the best oyster in Japan. 

For only ¥ 2,500 (about VND 500,000), you can enjoy your buffet grilled oysters in 45 minutes. The main ingredient of this dish is fat, sweet oysters caught from Matsushima Bay in Miyagi Prefecture. 

Don't forget to participate in the grilled oyster buffet. 

You can ask the chef for your personal preference or prepare your own fine mollusk in your own way. The restaurant serves gloves and aprons for all guests. 

You can also make your own and enjoy delicious oyster dishes. Source: Unsplash


Enjoy the magnificent scenery on the Mogami River by boat 

During the Tohoku tour, visitors will be able to participate in excursions along the Mogami River in Yamagata Prefecture (on the Japanese map this is the largest river in the region) by boats equipped with kotasu. 

Kotasu in Japan are the heating blankets that are equipped on boats for visitors to use when the temperature drops. This is the secret weapon to ensure your excursion is not interrupted by inclement weather or chills. 


In Japanese, kohatsu are heating blankets. 

Experience from those who have traveled to Japan , the best viewing time is around February, signing up for a full day excursion will give you the chance to explore more of Yamagata Prefecture. 

See the "snow cherry blossoms" at Hirosaki Castle Park

Hirosaki Castle was completed in 1611 under the ownership of a samurai clan named Tsugaru. In the past, the castle was designed with 5 floors, but over time what visitors see is only 3 floors. Even so, it is splendid and stands out among thousands of sakura trees. 
In spring, Tohoku tourists flock to Hirosaki Castle Park to admire the cherry blossoms in full bloom. But when winter comes, this place is really a masterpiece of nature because the ice and snow have turned it into a cold wonderland. 

Every night from December to February, the area near the Otemon exit of the castle is illuminated with warm pink lights. It was like blooming cherry blossoms under a white mist. It is truly a spotless beauty, imprinted deeply in the subconscious of every visitor. 


Night scene shimmering fanciful at Hirosaki Castle. 


Participate in snow festival in Hirosaki

If you have booked a flight to Tohoku in February, you might consider visiting Hirosaki Snow Festival, one of the major annual Tohoku events after reading the information below. 

This time is the peak of the most snowfall in the Tohoku region and you'll get to see what the locals do with all that snow. Being creative is not enough to talk about the ice works that you will see during your Tohoku travel . 

The tradition here is to make giant snow lanterns, sculpt, decorate them with light to make the winter more exciting, not bleak or cold.


Hundreds of snow lamps are made to help keep the winter warm and less dull. 

The best time in Tohoku is coming, what are you waiting for without planning yourself now? And don't miss out on any of the activities we introduced above during our Tohoku travel . 

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