Traveling to Thailand in a unique way? Come… David Beckham Temple!

Bangkok Thailand is a wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, a bustling center of surprises. Even the Buddhist temples escape the flimsy and contradictory line. Here, we take you inside the famous David Beckham Temple.

Thailand is home to many exotic temples. David Beckham Temple is definitely one of them. That is the affectionate nickname for Wat Pariwat, located in one of Bangkok's southern suburbs, an area rarely visited by tourists.

Wat Pariwat has a very interesting name: Wat David Beckham

At first glance, the temple looked like it was decorated under the motto "more is good". A wild blend of vibrant colors, materials (crystal, gold, pearl) and figures make a visual feast. Take a second look, however, and you will discover that the decorations are not quite the same as what you'd expect from a temple. That is also the cause of the nickname: Wat David Beckham.

The way David Beckham "entered" the Thai temple

The temple got the same nickname after the head monk, coincidentally also an avid Manchester United fan, decided to replace a mythical winged Garuda with a statue of David Beckham on the base of the main Buddha temple. . The addition was made as David Beckham was still playing for the team, and Manchester United fans across Thailand sang praises from David Beckham.

This is the reason why Wat Pariwat has such an interesting nickname. 

The 30cm gilded statue of David Beckham is said to have been added after the monk received the abbot's approval in 1998. The soccer star has a slightly different hairstyle from his image. There, but it's easy to see "who you are". David Beckham shares a glorious position with two former Prime Ministers of Thailand. The statue is so famous that Wat Pariwat is called the David Beckham Pagoda. 

But that's just one of the unexpected characters you'll see appear in this unusual mecca.

The longer you walk around the temple, the more interesting things you will discover. 

Among works that are Buddhist-themed and representations of mythical creatures, you'll notice some characters that seem unrelated, like Batman or Albert Einstein.

As you walk around Wat Pariwat temple, you may come across a statue of a rabbit-like creature holding a selfie stick, or a "7 Dragon Ball" primordial Quy, which may be mistaken for a nucleus. Legendary Buddhist objects. You may pay attention to the eye-catching yellow Pikachu statue, it can also be difficult to ignore modern superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, or Captain America.

Hidden in a riot of Indian deities and goddesses, Chinese mythical creatures, Japanese warriors and Buddhist characters, you'll find everything from Disney characters to icons panda emotion. All are meticulously crafted with Thai mosaic art.

You will gradually find unusual figures in Buddhist temples in Bangkok seem to be everywhere. The Sailor Popeye is surrounded by two legendary creatures that are completely unrelated. Batman is hiding behind a green pillar. Spider-Man is ready to shoot silk from his wrist. There's even Monkey D. Luffy from the hit manga One Piece.

At that time, you think David Beckham Pagoda is dedicated to cartoon characters and superheroes. But no, soon you will see the bust of Albert Einstein and Ernesto Che Guevara. Of course you cannot forget the golden statue of David Beckham. 

Contemporary elements blending into the building's architecture are part of an effort to get the younger generation actively engaged and enthusiastic about Buddhism. Seeing young Thai people walking around the temple, these efforts seem to have paid off - at least in some way.

In fact, Wat Pariwat Temple is an eclectic blend of modern Thai pop art, Buddhism and traditional Thai art. Perhaps, nowhere in the world can you find all these unrelated "people" in the same place.

Some people say that the superhero statues and other characters are brought into the temple because it is a symbol of the goodness and protection of Buddhism. It is difficult to know the connection between Buddhism and Popeye or Pinocchio. Perhaps, these strange statues are used as a highlight to attract tourists is the reasonable explanation.


Experience to visit David Beckham pagoda

If you travel to Thailand and want to explore a place unlike anywhere else, stop at Pariwat Pagoda, or David Beckham Pagoda, at 2-67 Rama III Road, Bangkok. It's a really interesting place.

You can come across anyone. 

Depending on the traffic volume, a taxi from the city center (Sukhumvit or Sathorn) will take you to the place from THB 80 (VND 60,000) to THB 150 (VND 110,000). If you're traveling by public transport, Wat Pariwat is conveniently linked to the BRT bus system and even has a private name stop (B7).

Wat Pariwat Temple knows how to make you love this place. 

You can board the BRT at the Chong Nonsi BTS station. Just walk across the bridge to the BRT station, buy a ticket (THB15 / VND 11,000) and board the bus downstairs. The stop is clearly announced in both Thai and English. The Wat Pariwat stop is about 15 minutes away. When you reach your stop, the strikingly decorated gate will strike you right in the eye from across the street.

Wat Pariwat Temple is like taking you back to your childhood. 

Please note that, despite its quirky appearance, Wat Pariwat is still a temple. Local families come here to worship. So, be sure to take off your shoes and dress politely when visiting. 


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