Very good shopping, shooting at 5 most luxurious - genuine - smooth shopping centers in Singapore

 Perhaps for the shopaholics or genuine Fashionista, the shopping malls in Singapore are the most ideal stopover when coming to the land of sea lions. 

Dubbed "Asia's top shopping mecca," Singapore has truly become a paradise for ladies who want to venture into the hunt for brands, an ideal virtual lifestyle for young people who want to drop their ears. The best on Instagram ... And the 5 best luxury shopping centers in Singapore below will prove it.

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Check out the shopping malls in Singapore

Design Orchard - The island's busiest shopping mall

Referring to shopping centers in Singapore, everyone knows Orchard Ròad. The humble beginnings of Orchard Road go back to the 1830s, when the street was nameless, with orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms.

Design Orchard - The island's busiest shopping mall. Photo: @oksana_domoratskaya

 In 1958, a local businessman named CK Tang opened TANGS, Orchard Road's first department store. Back then, the store was called House of Tangs, and marked its first step on the path to becoming Singapore's most beloved shopping district.

Design Orchard - the ideal virtual living corner of young people. Photo: @vlsslr

Now that "anonymous" road has become crowded with countless high-rise buildings, the most crowded commercial center in Singapore. And for those who love fashion and art, they must visit Design Orchard - an emerging shopping destination - where creativity, commerce, and spirit of cooperation blend together.

Officially opened on January 25, 2019, Design Orchard is gradually becoming the perfect highlight in the shopping paradise of Orchard Road. Coming here, Singapore tourists have just experienced a variety of shopping from more than 60 domestic brands, while admiring the beautiful surrounding scenery.

 Jewel Changi, whatever you need

It is no coincidence that Singapore Changi Airport is always ranked in the list of the best airports in the world. This place only serves functions as a normal airport but is also an ideal destination because visitors can both eat, drink, shop and visit.

Jewel Changi - the ideal destination for visitors to both eat and drink, shop and sightseeing.

After 4 years of construction, Jewel Changi multifunctional complex of Singapore Changi Airport officially opened its doors. Wide 135,700 m2, from the outside, this complex is like a donut made of steel frame and glass. 

After 4 years of construction, Jewel Changi multifunctional complex of Singapore Changi Airport officially opened its doors.

The dining and retail area is located on the outer edge. With more than 280 retail stores and culinary restaurants, Jewel is like a shopping mall with an impressive green space.

Anyone can come to Jewel to visit and have fun because this place is intended to serve tourists. In addition to free WiFi and busy shopping malls , guests can list a long list of activities including the IMAX cinema.


ION Orchard, Singapore's unique architectural wonder

ION Orchard is considered one of the best shopping malls in Singapore and is a magnet for luxury lovers because it brings together a series of famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Levis, Prada, Calvin Klein….

ION Orchard, Singapore's unique architectural wonder. 

Besides fashion, it also has a food district, ready to energize your non-stop shopping journey in Singapore.

In particular, ION Orchard shopping center is also known as a "wonder" with unique architecture. At this point, you can check in on the fire with the background of the brilliant, shimmering scenery of glass, the marble looks extremely beautiful.

Marina Square, Backgroud is perfect for a virtual live pose

Located on the edge of Marina Bay, Marina Square is both the finest shopping mall in Singapore , and the luxury hotel of sea lions. Coming here, you can not only enjoy shopping but also experience many other relaxing services such as massage, spa ...

Marina Square, Spotlight live virtual quality for young people. Photo: @sonyapan

With many intricate corridors like a maze, no need to search, any angle here is also a good spotlight for your virtual live photo album.

Funan Mall, is a brand new "rookie" but surpasses veteran seniors

Located in the City Hall area between Victoria Road and North Bridge Road, Funan Digital Mall is a brand new "rookie" among Singapore shopping malls.

This shopping mall is famous for electronic goods with prices that can be about 60% cheaper than items in Vietnam. In addition, this place also owns extreme virtual living spots such as Tree of Life or Love, Bonito with super cool virtual corridor filters on snapchat.
Many young people also check in for virtual living here. Photo: @mushopea

Above are 5 most impressive shopping malls in Singapore . If you have the opportunity to travel to the island nation, you should shop freely, but do not forget the mission of virtual living, listening to these beautiful destinations .

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