Where to go to buy gifts while traveling in Korea? Great suggestion for you!

  Buying gifts from friends and relatives after a trip in Korea is the need of many people, but not everyone knows where to buy the ideal gift here. 

South Korea is one of Asia's top destinations, this country not only attracts visitors by its beautiful landscapes but also by its unique indigenous culture and attractive cuisine. After traveling to Korea,  the question that most people wonder about is where to go to buy gifts for friends and relatives.

The land of Ginseng has many attractive shopping points, majestic shopping centers, but the list of places to buy gifts in Korea below is a great destination for you to both shop and discover the local culture. lead in this beautiful country. 

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Revealing places to buy gifts in Korea has unique local culture 

Namdaemun Market (Seoul)

This is a very famous place to buy gifts in Korea and is also the perfect place for you to explore the life and activities of local people. The market space is very large with about 10,000 stalls divided into themed areas. Here you can freely choose for yourself various gifts from clothes, utensils, candies, decorations ...

Namdeamun Market is a popular destination in Seoul

In particular, Namdaemun is a culinary paradise and is famous for its delicious dishes such as fish, kalguksu, fried noodles ... so when you come here, don't forget to visit the food court to enjoy. 

Noodles, famous dish in Namdeamun.


Tongin Market (Seoul) 

Tongin Market is a place to buy gifts in Korea very familiar to visitors, especially this place still uses ancient coins called yeopjeon to buy and sell. Each coin is equivalent to 500 Won. 

Coming to Tongin market, you can visit and shop for unique souvenirs or buy Yeopjjeoni, the market's mascot as gifts. Not only is a busy shopping place, Tongin Market has many attractive dishes but very cheap prices, famous dishes such as tteokbokki, fried chicken with sauce, fried vermicelli, and rice burns for only 1 to 3 cents yeopjeon. 

You can buy gifts while walking around at Tongi market. 

Mangwon Market (Seoul)

This is a very popular spot for Korean young people , this market sells many delicious dishes such as dakgangjeong (fried chicken covered with sauce), fried potatoes ...

In this market, all Korean clothing or confectionery products are available, especially people accept online payments, so it is quite convenient to transact. After shopping at Mangwon market, go to Mangridan-gil street and check-in at the famous Zapangi cafe nearby. 


At Manwon market people accept online payments, so shopping is easy. 


Gukje Market (Busan)

This is also one of the most famous shopping destinations in Korea , Gukje Market is Busan's largest market. There are 6 zones, in which 609 Youth Mall is the place to sell funny souvenirs, you can shop for many interesting things such as snail shells, Hangeul hats, sea-scented candles, souvenirs made from scallops, traditional chopsticks, ...
Like other markets, this place has many attractive dishes such as sugar donuts, gimbab Chungmu, spicy vermicelli so do not miss the chance to enjoy it. 

Food is also a must-see at Gukje market.


Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market (Jeju)

If you want to find a destination to buy gifts in Korea with the most characteristic delicious tangerines, Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market in Jeju is the perfect suggestion. Here, you can buy many attractive souvenirs such as the Dolhareubang (the iconic stone symbol of Jeju), hallabong tangerine, hanbok dolls, tai chi fans, cloth bags, pretty socks, hats and Korean shirt ...
Especially, the cuisine of Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market is also very attractive, with many delicious dishes such as hallabong water, grilled black pork skewers, Jeju rice cakes (omegitteok) ...


Do not forget to enjoy the delicious dishes at this market after shopping.

The above are the  most attractive gift buying places in Korea , where you can both shop and explore the lives of local people, enjoy delicious and typical food. In addition, you can also go to famous Korean shopping areas such as Myeongdong, Itaewon, Garosugil to check-in and find your favorite items.

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